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What is Available? and Where.

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Educator, Coach, Bodyworker. Located in Montreal, Canada
Sex Educator and Teacher, Bodyworker and Coach. Located in Vancouver, Canada
Sacred Intimate and Ritualist with a private practice in the greater Boston area and based on the City of Lowell, MA. 

Life Coach, Body Coach and Body Electric School Teacher Located near Houston, Texas, US

Life Coach, Sacred Intimate, Tantra Teacher, Erotic Bodyworker, Located near Chicago, Illinois, US

Life Coach, Sex Coach, Educator, Erotic Bodyworker, Located near Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Life Coach, Sexological Body Worker and Conscious Breath Facilitator. Located in Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Renowned psychotherapist and author of "Loving Someone Gay" Located in San Francisco, USA.
Well known psychotherapist,  body worker and teacher for the Body Electric School. Located in Atlanta, USA. 
Sacred Intimate and Body Worker.  Located in San Francisco, USA.
Sacred Intimate, massage therapist, Gestalt psychotherapist.  Located in New York City, USA.

Mental Health and Family Services for the LGBT community. Located in Toronto, Canada 
Community Center for the LGBT community. Located in Toronto, Canada


Yoga, Massage, Workshops and Retreats. Located in Vancouver and Victoria, Canada 
Imago Relationship Therapy for Male Couples.

Located in New York City, USA.

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