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Awaken Studio

Creating Relevant Community and Communal 
experiences for Men who LOVE Men in Toronto

The Awaken Studio was created in January of 2012 as a response to the community. The Awaken Studio creating a permanent space for ongoing adult sex education events, featuring workshops and playshops to focus on erotic and sexual education for those who identify as male. First located in a street level unit in the industrial commercial complex on Carlaw Avenue the studio moved to a second level location to better serve the needs of the workshops and events that were taking place.

The Awaken Studio under the leadership of Phillip Coupal now offers classes in:
      • Naked Yoga, 
      • Tantra, 
      • Erotic Touch Technique, 
      • Self Pleasure
      • Erotic Massage
      • Sacred Sex
      • Sex Magic
In addition to these Experiential Embodiment classes the Awaken Studio also hosts
      • The Queer Heart Talking Circle
      • Explorations in  Queer Cinema
      • Queer Heart OUTINGS to Artistic Events
Erotic exploration and educational embodied sexuality events for individuals, couples and groups. The options that the Awaken Studio offered are limitless. Contact Phillip for more information.

Watch for all events on the Awaken Studio calendar and subscribe to the monthly email event reminders.

Come OUT and create something new for yourself and for see if there are any surprises for you in your erotic and sexual experience.


Phillip Coupal
Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork
Sex Coaching + Sacred Intimacy + Erotic Education
Facilitated Groups Exploring Embodied Erotic Experience
How may I be of Service to you?
Telephone: 416-557-7312
awaken studio
276 Carlaw Avenue, Upstairs Unit 217B
Toronto, Ontario Canada M4M 3L1
Map: Google Map Carlaw North of Queen

The Awaken Studio is located at 276 Carlaw Avenue, Upstairs Unit 217B, Toronto, Ontario Canada

For more information about the studio please contact Phillip by email at

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Awaken Studio - A welcoming, safe and
supportive environment for all men, to explore erotic and sexual experience, through exploratory education, experimentation, play and willing curiousity.
The Awaken Studio provides a space where with communal and humanistic intention all men are welcome to dynamically and fluidly, create, explore and 
or re-experience sexual story and history.

Men transform and ascend to a state of  powerful, 
peaceful, joyful, and ecstatic transcendence

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