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2019 + 2020

Program & Pricing Information 


NEW for September 2019 to July 2020
pricing and information for all events.

Many of the events at the Awaken Studio have a new fee structure. Please become a member of the site and take advantage of the great value that is offered.

There are three levels of Membership - Full Membership - Partial Membership and Subscription Membership. Each level of membership has specific advantages and particular benefits. 

  • Full Membership
Full Access Membership $20.00 CDN dollars 
for 1 year from September 1 to August 31 each year
Limited to 250 members per year
  • Benefits include:
    • Email Notice
    • Early Event Registration
    • Multiple Class Passes for Awakening Life, Naked Yoga for Men and 8 Limbs Integrated Naked Yoga Practice for Men
    • offering substantial discounts based on the number of classes purchased
  • Pre-Registration for all classes and groups
    • offering reduced prices and early registration for all classes - Deeper Discounts for Two Day Weekend and Studio Full Day Weekend Events
    • Special Offers throughout the year
    • Individual Session Packages and Prices
    • offering reduced prices on a group of individual sessions contact Phillip for details
    • Complete your membership application HERE
      • Partial Membership
      Partial Access Membership $10.00 CDN dollars 
      for 1 year from September 1 to August 31 each year
      Limited to 150 members per year
      • Benefits include:
        • Email Notice
        • Event Registration
        • Registration for all classes and groups
        • offering reduced prices for all classes with prepaid registration

                    Complete your membership application HERE

                    • Subscription Membership
                    Subscribed to email notices Free (at this time July 2019)
                    for 1 year from September 1 to August 31 
                    Limited to 75 members per year
                    • Benefits include:
                      • Email Notices and newsletters

                            Complete your membership application HERE

                            With your member application will be asked for your name, email address, phone number, information about where you live, your date of birth and age. You will also be asked to authorize that you are over the age of consent where ever you are from. 

                            By providing this basic information you will authorize your subscription and membership to this website. 
                            With your membership (at various levels) you will: 
                            • become eligible for discounts on all events
                            • become eligible for early notifications of workshops and events,
                            • be able to sign up and pay for workshops on line,
                            • become eligible for early registration discounts (as they are offered),
                            • be able to access member only forums for questions and information about sexuality (as they are available), 
                            • receive a monthly newsletter and event update in you email
                            • receive special offers and extra perks as they come up.
                              Please note: 
                              • The information that you provide through this internet portal is kept entirely private and is solely for the purpose of providing permission based communication with all members and subscribers.
                              • This site contains material that is suitable for adults only. If you are under the age of consent, wherever you are from please do not subscribe or try to join this site. If you are underage please seek personal awareness from your local counsellor.

                              Travel through the website and you will see many links to the event registration pages, when you are sure of your event simply click on that event and you can create your registration with ease.

                              Contact Phillip for more

                              Ecstatic Path

                              Awaken Studio Toronto

                              Yoga Passes

                              • Contact Phillip for more information

                              Naked Yoga for Men

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                              Seeking and Supporting the Divine Masculine 

                              Exploring and Actively Engaging Sacred Male Energy 

                              Information about any program or event please 
                              contact Phillip at

                              Upcoming events

                              Please make all enquiries via email to:

                              All Bodywork Sessions and Groups at the Awaken Studio are limited to those 19 years old and over.
                              If you require further information or have questions please make sure to ask.
                              Although an intake session, introductory session or prior experience  is 
                              not required for any individual or group session it is recommended that you
                              check ahead, ask any questions that you might have and prepare yourself 
                              for any experience that might be unlike anything before.

                              How May I be of Service to you?

                              Please use this website for your information. 
                              If you see information within this site that is of interest to you, 
                              and you would like more information, please let Phillip know.
                              If you are interested in the latest updates or finding out about 
                               events that are happening at the Awaken Studio please 
                              subscribe to the site for the latest information.

                               The information presented here is specifically meant for 
                              information purposes. If you are in a physical or mental crisis 
                              please contact your care provider right away. 

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