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Unfortunately the physical space of the Awaken Studio is currently CLOSED

All classes and individual sessions are cancelled.

This is in response to the public health measures announced

by the City of Toronto and taking effect November 10 to an unknown date in the future.

We HOPE to re-open in January of 2021

Watch for more information for a gradual re-opening in January of 2021

Response to Coronavirus - COVID-19

August 20, 2020 - Response to Coronavirus - COVID-19 

From Phillip Coupal at the Awaken Studio - Toronto

August 20, 2020

Finally a Plan in Place

Moving into the fall I have finally devised a plan to accomodate opening safely and ensuring hygene and security for clients and participants. This plan has had to change several times and be adjusted to accomodate new and ever changing information and health and safety protocols. 

Creating an Assurance that the Awaken Studio will Survive

Assuring the Awaken Studio Survives

The first and formost activity has been to work to assure that the Awaken Studio will be able to continue on from within the physical space that has become our home and the sanctuary for the deep and resonant work that takes place within the welcoming and safe environment of the physical space. This plan for survival has taken many forms and has had to be adjusted as finances have changed. I am grateful for everyone who has donated and all those who have participated in programs over the spring and into the summer.

Creating a New Virtual Environment

The second activity has been to explore, experiment with and create new ways to communicate and present the work that takes place at the Awaken Studio. Again we have had to consider safety for our guests and to ensure that the formats and environments for our work can accommodate the sense of calm, peace and safety that we work to provide. For this the plan is to present all classes with an in-person elelement, with up to 6 participants attendng in-person at the studio and another 6 participants joining into the class via video conference.

New Ways to Present the Work

The third is to begin to present classes and events that the Awaken Studio has hosted for the past 10 years. This has been a complex and challenging step as we negotiate the oblique and sometimes frustrating world of technology. We have overcome as best as possible and have begun to create a new presence that allows for safety and physical distance as we begin to resume the services that we have freely offered in the past. There is still a big challenge in how we can: be together, practice physical distance, maintain hygenic protocols and touch one another sharing energy, connection and intimacy.

Physically Distanced Classes will begin in October

Gradual Return to Service with Individual Bodywork Clients

Individual sessions will be brought into the schedule gradually. In the beginning, I will work with clients that I have seen in the past and have some knowledge and relationship with. Gradually as I am able I will introduce new clients into the schedule. All clients must respond to a questionnaire and provide verifiable contact information.

Working with Individual Counselling and Coaching Clients

TI have maintained a steady roster of counselling clients. As we move ahead clients what I speak with will be given the choice of meeting in person or meeting via video or voice conference. By offering more telephone and video meetings clients can assure their own level of protection and safety and I can also reach a broader client base from further afield.

Working with Groups that Practice Physically

These groups will include Naked Yoga practices, Self Pleasure practices, Tantra practices, KINKY PLay practices, meditation and breathwork classes. Each of these classes will be limited to 6 participants attending the studio in person. Some of these classes will have a broadcast to allow for 6 to 8 more participants via video conference. These classes will each have an protocols to allow for physical distance and increased hygentic practices and thorough sanitization of the space.

Working with Groups that Share Words and Community

These groups will include the Queer Heart Talking Circle and the Queer Heart Explores Cinema gatherings. There will also be a mindfulness group convened after the beginning of October. Each of these gatherings will practice safe physical distancing as well as being scheduled to allow for thorough sanitization and sometimes disinfection.

Refurbishing the Awaken Studio

The refurbishment and restructuring of the space

Over the months of June, July and August there has been a complete and painstaking refurbishment of the Awaken Studio. This process has been sometimes arduous and sometimes as easy as could be. The outcome is a spectacula transition that has not taken the character of the space away and is a reassuring and safe environment for all who attend. 

Ensuring that ALL Men Have the Resources to Attend

Moving Ahead While Finding the Ability to Remain Financially Solvent

This has been one of the most trying and difficult times. I mean this personally and as the operator of the Awaken Studio. Finances have been really tough and it is a very challenging time. The landlord has given no consessions and the burden of maintaining the space has been squarely placed on my shoulders. Despite this I have resolved to keep all of the fees for services and classes at a level that is attainable for all. There are special prices for all services offered to all clients who will commit to a series of a group of classes, sessions or esperiences. Those attending on a limited basis or a one time basis will be charges a small premium, somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of the base fee. I will try my best to not charge for any of the extra expenses that are now part of maintaining the studio. These would include fees for masks, sanitizing products and other elements that have never been purchased in the volume that is now required. 

Allowing ALL Men to Attend NO MATTER of Their Financial Circumstance

We will be heading into a time that is very uncertain financially. This will mean that there are even more men who can not attend because of the limitations that are bound onto them by their lack of employment, debt level or other constraints. For this I will continue to offer the negotiation of the fee for service.  I have always offered this option and it has worked out well in the past.

IN ADDITION to this offering I am asking the community to support one another. Clients can now purchase part of a class or a series for another by creating a donation. This donation is to ensure that all men who would like to attend; but can not accomodate the fee, or can only pay part of the fee, have a place where thay can apply for assistance and be accomodated with a reassurance that they are being assisted and welcomed into the class. This ensures that the teachers, teaching the classes are paid a fair and full fee for the services that they provide.

This is where I am and where we are, as a community at this moment in time. Things might change and and things might be different as we move ahead. I am grateful for your patience and your support. If oyu have any questions or need any more information about the Awaken Studio and the programs at the studio please send me an email at .

Be Safe and Practice --- !

Love, Blessings and all the BEST of EVERYTHING.


August 20, 2020

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