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Life Skills 

The Coaching process that Phillip utilizes is called Life Skills Coaching

In this process Phillip works with the clients to develop problem solving skills, 
to nurture, within the client new behaviours and patterns to craft new responses, 
new solutions and new outcomes, specifically to problems. 

With the assistance that Phillip provides as a coach he can help the coaching client 
maintain and continue to respond and act with these new found skills. 
The coaching process is experiential and relies upon the human ability to 
manifest, implement and create change.

In this process the client emerges more hopeful, powerful and motivated to use their 
new found Life Skills to move more fully forward in their lives. 

Phillip guides, facilitates and mentors the client in creating the relationships and 
dreams that they have worked towards and built. By creating a new pattern of 
success the client emerges with forward momentum and is motivated and 
self empowered to live the life they desire.

Phillip uses the Life Skills Coaching model. The process is conversational rather 
than directional, educational and experimental rather than didactic and determined. 
The client delves in and resurfaces knowing that they are their own director and have 
the solutions and answers within themselves. The process is client centered and client directed.

Phillip attained professional certification as a Life Skills Coach is from 
George Brown College in Toronto this was achieved in the Fall of 2007.

For more information about this coaching process please contact me at:

Standard fee for an in-person intake session is $50.00 and lasts 90 minutes.
Standard fee for an in-person return session is $150.00 and lasts 90 minutes.

Starting in September 2015 Phillip will be taking a 
limited group of telephone coaching clients.

Sessions take place via the telephone or via Skype
Sessions are 60 minutes and will only be offered in a 
pre-paid and pre-booked 6 session series for $500.00 CDN

For information about this service 
contact Phillip at


If for some reason the regular fees are unattainable there is a sliding scale available.

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