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Phillip Coupal Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork

Personal Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork Services for Personal Growth, Life Skills and Adult Education.

Client Consent

Welcome to Phillip Coupal Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork.

This publication summarizes important information that you should know about my services and provides me with your consent to our personal and professional affiliation. I ask that you read this document carefully and ask any questions that you may have. Thank you.

1. Services Offered and Provided

Phillip Coupal Counselling + Coaching+ Bodywork offers professional counselling and coaching and bodywork services. Phillip Coupal offers clients personal growth, life skills and adult education services.These services, are distinctly different from and not associated with any kind of medical practice including: psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychology, social work, physiotherapy or massage therapy. Counselling, Coaching and Bodywork services are provided by Phillip Coupal, to individuals and couples; including short-term personal counselling and coaching, and relationship counselling and coaching and somatic bodywork to individuals and groups. 

Currently, client sessions are based on a fee for service basis. A ninety minute introductory talk session is $50.00; subsequent sessions are based on a fee of $150.00 per 90 minute session. I do offer a sliding scale fee for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to pay the current hourly fee. Please note that I do not provide services that require court testimony, court reports, or involve legal proceedings. 

Phillip Coupal is not a medical doctor or a practicing psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, social worker or massage therapist. The service provide are specifically not offered are a treatment for any physical or mental issue

2. Appropriate Treatment

I will meet with you for an initial ninety minute session to determine if my services will best meet your needs. You will determine if you are able to work with me and if I am able to be of service to you. If we together or you determine that your treatment needs require resources or competencies beyond the scope of my services, I will assist with you with a referral to an appropriate community agency and/or health and/or mental health and/or physical therapy provider.

3. Confidentiality

All counselling services offered by Phillip Coupal are CONFIDENTIAL.

The only exceptions to my confidentiality are legal requirements, including if a client is in danger of harming themselves or others or if they report current child or elder abuse.

In order to be utterly clear the single three exceptions to my rules of confidentiality are:

A. When there is risk of imminent danger to myself, my client or to another person, as a counselor I am ethically bound to take necessary steps to prevent such danger.

B. When there is suspicion that a child or elder is being sexually, mentally or physically abused or is at risk of such abuse, I am ethically bound to take steps to protect the child or elder, and to inform the proper authorities.

C. When a valid court order is issued for client information I am bound by law to comply with such requests.

Otherwise any information shared between myself and clients is utterly confidential and is kept totally private.

4. Regular Attendance

It is my hope that you be on time for all scheduled appointments. If you are unable to attend a session due to illness or an emergency, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. If you are more than a few minutes late please call and tell me so. If you miss an appointment and have not cancelled you agree to pay a missed appointment fee, to be mutually determined

5. Active Participation

To benefit from the services you receive requires your total participation. Actively participating with myself as your service provider, and carrying out any plans made between you as a client and me as a service provider will ensure movement in the counselling and coaching process.

If for some reason you desire to withdraw your participation please know that by speaking with me of this desire you will be serving yourself and allowng me to be of service to you.

6. Feedback

If you wish to comment on the services you have received, you may do so at any time. I welcome your feedback, suggestions and questions. Your feedback is essential to my continuing effort to improve the quality of my services.

7. Thank You

Thank You for choosing me as your persoanl growth work service provider. I value our relationship and look forward to getting to know you and to being of service to you.

The erotic is the nurturer or nursemaid of all our deepest knowledge. - Audre Lorde 

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