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Anal Touch

an Introduction
Technique and Guide to - Anal Massage

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Anal Touch

  • Understanding and introducing the basics of anal touch 
  • Saturday Afternoons
  • 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Live Demonstration and Exploration
  • Demystify and gain awareness through knowledge
  • An OPEN, SAFE and Accepting Environment
  • Bring your curiosity and your willingness to expand knowledge, develop awareness and built skill.
  • Sorry there is no touch at the event, try the Anal Massage Practice class if you are looking for physical experience.

Anal Touch - An Introduction Information and Discovery

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Anal Touch & Massage Practice Experiential Exploration

  • No upcoming events

“There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself,” ~ Diana Vreeland 

Anal Touch - an Introduction - for Men

Saturday Afternoon Introductory Event
Subscribed Members 
with online registration and payment
24 hours prior to the event
with online registration and payment
24 hours prior to the event
At the Door
Drop-In without Prior Registration
Cash Payments Only

Please read the information about pricing at:
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This Saturday afternoon event takes place from
2:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Please arrive a few minutes early and give yourself the pleasure of having the whole experience. Late arrivals are not admitted and all participants are asked to stay for the entire event.

There will be a live model with full nudity for the demonstration portion of this event. There is no participant nudity or touch at this event.

There is no upper age limit for this group. 

Please be over 19 years of age.

Anal Touch
 Introduction to Anal Massage 
Discover NEW Information
Useful Tips - Amazing Technique

Saturday Afternoon
2:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Join in a information gathering.

Discover new information about anal touch. Gather awareness and insight.

Explore through discussion, demonstration and question and answer.

A live discussion
A live demonstration
A lively question & answer
Awesome information for greater fun and maximized pleasure. Discover technique as well as important information about creating comfort and joy with penetrative and non-penetrative anal touch.

This event will demonstrate with a sense of playful humour and will be informative of technique, hygiene, anatomy, posture and position, and shed light and knowledge onto areas that are often held in shadow.

Discover through Experiential Erotic Embodiment.

This demonstration of anal touch can be an opening to greater security and skill or a refresher for those who have more experience with anal massage.

In this experience we will use discussion,  demonstration with a live model, and a lively question and answer to create awareness, discovery, personal knowledge and growth. 

In this introductory experience of Anal Touch and Massage there might be new information that could be both surprising and comforting.

Anal Touch
An introduction

Celebrate your Knowledge and Skill

Find out more about Erotic and Sexy Anal Touch

Discover the power of knowledge in relation to our sense of self and create a greater sense of well being for yourself and your partner.

Attendance at these events will help you greatly of you are considering a program at the Awaken Studio.

This Introductory event can be a great place to start a weekend full of Anal Touch.

There is a full day Experiential class scheduled on October 2, April 2, and July 23. Each a full day of physical experience, giving and receiving. 

For more information visit
Full Day - Experience Anal Massage Pleasure

Questions - Information - Curiousity

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Although an intake session, introductory session or prior experience  is 
not required for any individual or group session it is recommended that you
check ahead, ask any questions that you might have and prepare yourself 
for any experience that might be unlike anything before.

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