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Gifting to the Awaken Stdio

October 10, 2020

At the Awaken Studio and in all of my practices at

Phillip Coupal - Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork

my fundamental goal has been to assist clients as they: 
determine their own wisdom, educate themselves, empower themselves and have them lead more hopeful, passionate and powerful lives.

Since the middle of March 2020 and over past several months, the events that have occured have changed the world and the world has become a very different place.

Please know that as we move into the future your generosity can make the difference. All donations and financial gifts to the Awaken Studio will ensure the longevity and continued presence of the Awaken Studio.

In response to this new financial reality and to maintain the future of the Awaken Studio I am asking for your generosity and financial assistance. This is not easy to do and is very difficult to ask. I know that all contributions, your gifts, are gratefully received and most welcome.

Your contribution can make an enormous difference!

If you do not wish or are unable to make a contribution through the PayPal portal on this webpage,

please consider creating a DONATION

and contribution via an email transfer.

Details by email at

In the middle of March 2020  the income of the Awaken Studio reduced to almost nothing. The landlord has provided a very small concession, during the summer of 2020. Over the summer the studio was upgraded and refurbished in order to accommodate a new hygienic reality. The financial outlay for these accommodations were unplanned for and an expense that had never been budgeted before.

As we come back to life schedules have been reduced and the cap on attendance has been cut. There are also many more men who are not working, working for less than they were before this began and all of those who simply can not attend because of lack of funds. All of this has meant that the financial stability of the Awaken Studio has been effected in ways that could not have been predicted a year ago.

I am hoping to raise money in order to accommodate the increased expenses, and to allow a greater generosity with more offerings of reduced price or free attendance. I rely on your generosity and kindness in asking for your financial gift.

I hope that we can all adapt with time to the new and different world and that we can assist each other as much possible as we shift and move in order to practice the art of living in this ever changing world.

Humbly and with Love


Practicing every day

Compassion - Kindness - Grace - Gratitude

Full Disclosure.

Please know that your financial contribution is a personal gift, for which I am eternally grateful. As the Awaken Studio and Phillip Coupal Counselling - Coaching - Bodywork are not a charity nor a not for profit, your gift is simply that, a gift. There are no tax benefits, exchange of service and no gift or product offered in exchange for your financial contribution. 

All I can offer in return is my Gratitude and Respect

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Gratitude from the Awaken Studio


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