I met Kevin while I was having a coffee at my local bakery.

He had this box sitting on the table. I was curious and intrigued. I had to ask.

I liked then so much I thought that everyone should have them.


52 Mindlessness cards

designed to get you

out of your head.

A creative,

community - collaboration curated by

Kevin Myles Wilson.

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The sad thing about happy is that the feeling is often fleeting, unlike a bad mood which can linger for days. For instance you can feel on top of the world for some reason on Tuesday evening, but then wake up on Wednesday morning très blasé! So inside this little box is a carefully crafted collection of suggestions to give you some tools to not only shoo your blues away, but to cultivate and harvest 52 helpful, happy-habits that you can use to improve your mood every single day.

From Kevin:

Happy-Habit Helpers! are a deck of 52 cards, which I call "mindlessness" cards (since they are designed to get you OUT of your head) and their goal is to break your negative and stressful thought patterns and redirect your energy into extrinsic, positive behaviours to help make yourself, others and your community a healthier, happier place to be.

The ideas on the cards were all submitted from a diverse group of people all over Canada who answered the questions, "what do you do when you feel down, to feel better?" And I collected, curated and crafted them into comedic, thoughtful, Dr. Suessian style behavioural prompts with the intent to bring a smile to your face, redirect stress and anxiety, and help build and maintain healthier, happiness-inducing habits!

I designed them for individual use but they can also be effectively used in groups (office spaces, retirement residences, community groups, therapeutic relationships). 

I associate them with coffee, as a "coffee-companion." I like to start my day with an energizing coffee and with a positive behavioural prompt, which starts my day in a more positive way.

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