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Counselling Session

Introductory sessions are the starting point in the counselling process. 

Each new client coming into the practice is allowed this initial session. 
At this session there is an informed consent and important information 
is given to the new client to facilitate the process of making an informed 
decision and create a strategy for moving ahead.

The counselling process starts with an Introductory Session
This session covers general intake information and presents the new client with an 
informed consent. In this session we spend time answering any questions about
the counselling process that the new client might have. We will also in a 
co-creative interchange determine the scope of the conversation, and 
the counselling process. We will also consciously examine areas that 
the new client would like to cover and finally explore the desired outcomes.

An introductory session is 90 minutes and the fee is $50.00. 

This reduced fee allows for an initial exchange of information and creates an 
environment that allows for the client to determine if this is the best fit for them.

An Introductory Session is as easy as a telephone call or an email.

For information or to book an introductory appointment feel free to contact Phillip by 
email or telephone 416-557-7312

In your email or telephone message, please let me know that you are interested in a 
introductory counselling appointment. Give me a few times and dates that you are available 
and I am certain that we can make an arrangement for an appointment at a time 
that is mutually convenient. It often surprised potential clients as there is no wait time,
Phillip is usually able to see new clients withing a few days.

How does all of this work?

Counselling can help individuals and couples find direction, create and 
maintain sustained change in their life and their relationship to themselves and others.

"Exploring where we want to go and how we want to get there, 

having this exploration witnessed and supported by another can 

instill a sense of hope and reinforce the choices that we must make 

inorder  to create change and live our lives from a powerful and 

informed position. We can live from our passion and our heart."

How May I be of Service to you?

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and you would like more information, please let Phillip know.
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 The information presented here is specifically meant for 
information purposes. If you are in a physical or mental crisis 
please contact your care provider right away. 

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