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June 2018 - Programs and Events at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Awaken Studio Toronto
Weekly Programs and Events

Opportunities at the
Awaken Studio
June 2018



June 2018 Fresh - HOT! PRIDE!

June at the Awaken Studio features dynamic and life affirming events for men.

  • Sunday  Men 4 Men Touch Exchanges from 12:30 - 5:00.
  • Saturday afternoon features 3 different Dynamic Meditations.
  • Saturday Morning will offer a new mindful practice combining breath movement and meditation

    NEW International Guests presenting in Toronto at the Awaken Studio.

    • June 1 to 3 the Awaken Studio is hosting Adam Brown from New York City
    • Information and Registration details here: A Day with Adam Brown

    Watch for - KINKY PLAY _ Oil Grappling and Wrestling

    As always if you have any questions, concerns or curiosity about this event please let me know via email at or you can call me or text me at 416-557-7312. If you call please make certain to leave a message and a telephone number where I cam able to reach you.

    All the best and with LOVE


    A philosopher is a wise man
    distinguished for wisdom and sound judgement
    while a sage is a wise man
    distinguished for wisdom and from experience.
    ~ Unknown

    Join the Wise Men Sharing Circle at the Awaken Studio

    Awaken Studio Toronto
    Programs and Events for Men who LOVE Men
    June 2018 - HOT! PRIDE!

    Watch for More all through June 2018

    International Guest Presenters

    Adam Brown 
    Heart Centered Touch

    New York City

    Community Gathering 
    June 1 - PWYC
    7:00 to 9:00

    A Day with Adam Brown 
    June 2 - $150.00 AM$
    10:00 to 6:00

    Individual Sessions 
    with Adam Brown 
    June 3 - $125.00 AM$
    1 hour


    Watch for More all through June 2018

    International Guest Presenters

    Armin Heining
    Gay Tantra TM


    Alumni Tantra Practice
    June 9 - $250.00 CDN $
    10:00 am to 8:00 pm

    Sampler Workshop II 
    June 12 - $900.00 AM$
    7:00 pm to 10:00 pm



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