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Phillip Coupal 
Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork 

Offering a wide spectrum of: 
  • Personal Growth Work,
  • Life Skills Coaching and 
  • Bodywork

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How does all of this work?

Counselling, Coaching and Bodywork can help individuals and couples find direction, create and maintain sustained change in their life and their relationship to themselves and others. 

Contact me I am very open to having a conversation with you to better address your needs.

“Out of the mists of our long oppression, 
We bring love for ourselves and each other, 

And love for the gifts we bear, 

So heavy and so painful the fashioning of them, 

So long the road given us to travel them. 

A separate people, 

We bring a gift to celebrate each other, 

’Tis a gift to be gay! 

Feel the pride of it!” ~ Harry Hay

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The information presented here is specifically meant for information purposes. If you are in a physical or mental crisis please contact your care provider right away. 

How May I be of Service to you?
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