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Phillip Coupal Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork
Awaken: Body - Mind - Heart - Spirit

Phillip Coupal - Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork 
is based in Downtown Toronto and works from the Awaken Studio. 

Phillip Coupal is a Sole Practitioner offering traditional counselling
Personal Growth and Life Skills services, as well as
Experiential Adult Education for those seeking new or alternative
to their well being. Services offered are client centered,
humanistic. Service are offered with kindness, understanding and
compassion for the human condition

Awaken Studio delivers relevant Community and Communal events
and experiences, workshops and playshops for Men who LOVE Men
in Downtown Toronto.
Phillip is a professionally trained CounsellorCoach and Bodyworker.

Although Phillip works primarily with gay men and male couples, 
his practice is not limited to any gender or sexual orientation. 
The clients that Phillip works  with come from varied and 
diverse backgrounds, are from all gender identifications, 
sexualities and orientations. 

Phillip welcomes all who wish to explore and create positive change 
in their life. Through educational, experiential and experimental 
process clients and participants can create new paths to peace, 
understanding and well being.

The Awaken Studio is now located at 276 Carlaw Avenue, Upstairs Unit 217B 
Clients are seen only with a prearranged appointment. Contact Phillip at: or call 416-557-7312

Phillip Coupal offers:

Sex positive and gender fluid relationship skills and practices for all humankind. 

Supporting Gay Men and Male Couples

Welcoming ALL Diversity 

Upcoming Events at the Awaken Studio

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