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Some frequently asked questions
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Q: Do you work with women and straight men? trans men?
A: Yes. I work with men and women from all walks of life and all sexual orientations. I specialize and pride myself in working with gay men, men who love other men and have sex with other men. I am particularly fulfilled by working with male couples as they work through the issues and challenges that present themselves with a male with male couple or family that is headed by two dads.
Q: Why do you offer so many styles?
A: I work with a wide variety of clients from a huge variety of backgrounds. I offer Counselling, Coaching, Bodywork for individuals, couples and groups in order to best serve the needs of the individual client.
Q: Are you a Doctor or a Psychologist?
A: No. I am not a Doctor, a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, a Social Worker, a Psychotherapist, or a physio or massage therapist. I am a traditional Counsellor. I provide services that cover areas of Personal Growth work. I do not work with issues of mental or physical  health, I am very specialized in that I work with clients to better their lives through peer level talk therapy and Life Skills Coaching. The Body work that I provide addresses the individual on a Somatic and Holistic level and offers Adult Education of enlightenment and information about sex, sexuality and gender. Please see the Client Consent pages of this website for more information.
Q: Are you a Marriage Counsellor?
A: Yes. I am a Marriage Counsellor in the most traditional sense. Before the second world war most people who had struggles in their life, including marriage and relationship challenges, would visit their local pastor or parish priest, speak with a village elder or simply talk with someone who they felt could help them sort out the problems or issues that were happening in their life. This is the approach that I take in the work that I do with couples. I work with couples to facilitate their conversation and work with them in order to find meaning and sort through confusions and conflicts. I work with couples to develop and nurture understanding and generosity within their relationship. I work with them to find their own solutions, wisdom and to develop trust and confidence in themselves and their relationship.

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