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Relationship Counselling in Toronto for Queers and Allies

It all starts with an Intake Session
Relationship Counselling starts with an Introductory Session.
This session is a little like a test drive. The couple, triad or related beings
gets to determine if they will be able to us me as a facilitator
for their particular conversation.
With all relationships and couples-ships these conversations can vary through many topics.
My job is to create safety and ensure that each part of the related group can be heard
and understood no matter what subject, the problem or the conversation might open up.

Subsequent Sessions Build the Relationship Conversation.

 NEW patterns of behaviour, trust and action.

Each session will vary depending on what the related parties bring to the session.
Conversations cover an infinite spectrum and can include: infidelity, sexuality,
sexual desire, trust, understanding, family, children, past, future,
alignment and partnership.

Explorations and knowledge building in a facilitated environment can help
build a new pattern of success. My goal as a relationship counsellor
is to help each relationship and each individual in the relationship find and
embody more understanding, generosity and balance.

Standard fee for initial session is $50.00 and lasts 90 minutes.

Standard fee for a relationship session is $150.00 and lasts 90 minutes.

If for some reason the standard fees are prohibitive or out of reach Phillip 
does offer a sliding fee scale. 
Please contact Phillip at for more information.

Creating safety, together as a Couple.
Relationship Skills and Practices.

Questions for any relationship: 

Has the fight in your relationship taken on battle proportions? 

Has the joy and pleasure of being together every day and every night ebbed? 

Do each of you of you stand silent - walking on eggshells?

Counselling with Relationships I foster and develop specific skills of communication.

Developing or redeveloping the art of conversation, through the use of
commitment, curiosity, passion and  determination. Through Relationship Counelling
individuals together can develop, create and sustain a vision for themselves
and for their relationship. In Relationship Counselling participants can explore
a new-found space where all parties can be supported both as individuals and
within the relationship. Creating a safe and supportive environment for all.

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