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"... from the bottom of my heart... "

Hello Phillip,

Its been a long time,  too long.  I really have been meaning to do this for a long time now.  I don't know why tonight, but I just thought about you and knew I had to write. 

I want to thank you for your support and counselling in my time of need.  You took a young man broken and in sad shape and made him strong.  You in only your way, made me look in the mirror and see the man I could be.  ...  
But having send that life is great.  S... and I are doing great, we are trying to start a family and our relationship is better than ever.  I want you to know,  I feel that you are the reason I turned my life around.  I was heading down a bad road and you gave me the tools to head in a different direction.  For that I will always remember you and your dedication to your job.  
You went out of your way to care for me and help me in my time of need.  
Thank you Phillip, thank you. You truly are a special person, and thank you 
again from the bottom of my heart.
Your Pal M.P.
From M.P. Mar 2008

"... looking forward... "
The exploration that we did today left me feeling full of possibility and hope. I know that I need to break down some of the barriers that I have created in my life. I never thought that the gentleness of the process would help me so much.

I am looking forward to what will happen next.

From C.T. Oct 2012

"Dog Shit"
Hi Phillip, 
You may be wondering about the title of this note. But here's what happened to me tonight when I left your office.
I walked to Church and as I was about to get into a cab, I stepped into dog poop. Without looking down, I knew it was dog poop... it felt like it, and I thought... why ?!!!!! I'm about to get into this cab, it's really cold, how will I clean my shoe, what am I going to do?!
Well, as I looked down, I noticed that in fact, it was dog shit, but...... I was lucky that it was in one of those little black plastic bags, so nothing happened and I didn't get any of that shit on my shoe.
I'm telling you this story because on the way home, I thought about how similar this situation is with life in general. Shit happens, and bad moments will always come, but somehow (don't ask me why) I now feel "protected" and have the hope that whatever life throws at me, it will always come "wrapped in a bag" -  yes, I know there will be painful moments and situations that will be hard to overcome, but somehow, at the end, it's going to be OK.
Thank you Phillip for being such a great coach, a great ear, for your endless patience trying to understand my feelings (with my limited English) and for giving me the time and space to express myself. It's been a great experience and I wanted you to know that I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to work with you this year.

From E.V. Dec 2009

"Thanks for not giving up..."


Thanks for not giving up on me! You have helped me find a path through all of the trouble that has come up in my life. There were many times that I wanted to not do anything about any of what was happening. Finally I began to hear what you would say about being the most important person in my life and  how I was the only one who could do anything for me.

The realization that I am the source of anything that is happening to me was very important. I am sorry that this took so much time.

Thanks again for your gentle guidance, firm hand and staying by my side.

From A.B Sept 2010

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