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Naked Yoga

For ALL Men

Tuesday Evening

Naked Yoga for ALL Men

90 minute classes

Tuesday Evenings at 8:00 pm


Tuesday Evening Practice

Body Scan with Gentle Movement

Asana - Posture Based Practice

8:00 pm to 9:30 pm

with Andy Sinclair

Naked Yoga

for ALL Men

Naked Yoga for ALL Men classes offered

  • October 6
  • October 13
  • October 20
  • October 27
  • November 3
  • November 10
  • November 17
  • November 24
  • December 1
  • December 8

Register with:

  • 10 Class Pass in the Awaken Studio
  • 5 Class Pass in the Awaken Studio
  • 1 Class Pass in the Awaken Studio
  • 10 Class Pass via Video Conference
  • 5 Class Pass via Video Conference
  • 1 Class Pass via Video Conference

Body Scan with Gentle Movement

Insight into the Male Body

Tuesday Evening Class 

Register for Single Tuesday Evening Naked Yoga Class

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Covid Information

All registrations and payments must now be made on-line and in advance. In Person attendance must be confirmed 48 hours in advance, on-line registration must be confirmed 24 hours in advance.

All In Person participants will be required to answer a screening questionnaire prior to attendance.

In Person participants must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class.

Participants must arrive wearing a mask or facial covering.

Participants will be assigned individual islands on which they will practice. These islands ensure physical distance as we communally create a safe and hygienic environment.

Participants will be given containers for clothing; all cloths must be placed into the covered container.

Participants will be required to wipe down their island and all equipment, with provided, Health Canada approved disinfectants. This must take place at arrival before the class and again as the participants leave.

Participants will be provided with studio supplied yoga mats and sanitized towels. 

Participants will be provided with sanitized and disinfected: blocks, straps and other equipment. 

Outside equipment cannot be brought into the studio.

We will have a few minutes at the close of the class for questions and feedback for the instructor and the studio

At the end of class, participants will dress and disassemble in an orderly way. We all miss the hugs and close physical interactions that we have been able to be blessed with in the past and we look forward to the time when we will be able to resume with these very pleasant intimacies. We look forward to the future.

We are very thankful for the men who practice together as we create a community offering compassion and kindness. 


Please make certain to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the class. 

The door is locked at 10 minutes prior to the class start and latecomers are not admitted. 

Please ensure your cell phones and communication devices are turned off as you enter and not turned on until after you leave. 

Please be respectful of the space and the others that are sharing their practice with you. 

Please stay until the class is finished and the last posture is completed.

Disrespectful, inconsiderate, exclusionary, assaultive, and aggressive behaviours will not be tolerated. This is a class dedicated to peace and honours the personal boundaries of each participant and respects the focus of the class. 

Please know that there is no touching in this class. The only touch that is accommodated is for the teacher to create an adjustment of the posture or provide a light and gentle massage of the neck at the end of the class. These adjustments will not be offered at this time as we practice physical distancing and maintain a safe and supportive space.

Tuesday Evening Practice

Body Scan with Gentle Movement

Asana - Posture Based Practice

8:00 pm to 9:30 pm

with Andy Sinclair

Naked Yoga

for ALL Men

More about Tuesday Evening with Andy

Focus of this class:

The class involves a body awareness exercise practised in stillness with light breath work, followed by gentle movement study and ending in meditation.

Benefit of this class:

The skills practised seeking: awareness, stillness and peace, are transferable to more complicated situations and movements off the mat. 

Why we practice together as men:

As men we gather together to:

  • nurture discipline in the work,

  • to know that we are not alone,

  • and to find the fellowship that continues to express itself even after we have left the studio.

Why we practice together while naked:

Our reasons for practising while naked include:

  • showing one's whole self,
  • enhancing honesty and
  • finding freedom from shame and inhibition.

Everyone's experience of practising

while naked will be ever-changing

and a chance for discovery.

From Andy

Speaking of his Yoga Journey

"I was exposed to yoga asana as a young athlete and practised sporadically until 2010 when I found several Toronto teachers who guided me through other areas of practice. I was a student in the Yoga Sanctuary's Evolving Spirit teacher training in 2012-13 and began teaching both naked and clothed yoga thereafter. Over time my offerings have specialized to reflect what I most value in the practice -- stillness, awareness, and peace. "

Andy Sinclair August 2020

Andy Sinclair

Awaken Studio Toronto

Naked Yoga for ALL Men

Tuesday Evening

Body Scan

with Gentle Movement

"Andy has shared his yoga practice with men at the Awaken Studio, from the beginning. The first classes were offered in the fall of 2013. Andy has brought his grounded, soft and insightful energy to our practices to this day. I am glad for Andy's dedication, centered approach and compassionate care for the men who attend the Tuesday Evening Naked Yoga class."

Phillip Coupal

August 2020

All men are welcome to take part in the practice of Naked Yoga at the Awaken Studio. 

Free yourself to treat yourself to an 
experience unlike any other in the city. 

This practice is open to all men and
the Awaken Studio welcomes all DIVERSITY.

There is no experience qualification, body shape or size restriction or age restriction.

Please be over 19 years of age. 

Free your MIND - Relax and JOIN IN

Fees and Passes

Single Class Fees

In Person Single Class fee is $30.00

On Line Single Class fee is $15.00


5 Classes 5 Consecutive Classes

In Person 5 Class Pass fee $100.00 $20.00 per class

On Line 5 Class Pass fee $50.00  $10.00 per class

10 Classes 10 Consecutive Classes

In Person 10 Class Pass fee $175.00 $17.50 per class

On Line 10 Class Pass fee $75.00  $7.50 per class

With the purchase of each pass participants will be registered within 24 hours for the next consecutive classes. Class passes are limited to the particular class that has been defined by the pass. 

Questions or more information:

Contact Phillip -

Payment must accompany registration.

Practicing - Compassion and Kindness and Building Community.

If for some reason you are unable to pay for the classes at the Awaken Studio in Toronto we will do our best to create an accommodation for your attendance. If you are under employed, unemployed or suffering from a financial hardship and you wish to attend, we will do our very best to create an accommodation for you. Please be kind you yourself and make sure to contact Phillip for more information.

All you have to do is ASK!

Naked Yoga for ALL Men 

We are ALL Connected

Upcoming NAKED Yoga Classes at the Awaken Studio

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