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What is? 

"Queer Heart 
Talking Circle" 

Creating RADICAL Community for Men who LOVE Men

Celebrating DIVERSITY

Celebrating DIFFERENCE

Celebrating QUEERNESS

Over the 2019 - 2020 season at the Awaken Studio the Queer Heart Talking Circle will meet on the following dates

September 8, 2019 - Celebrating Truth
October 20, 2019 - Celebrating Healing
November 10, 2019  - Celebrating Joy
December 8, 2019  - Celebrating Camaraderie
January 12, 2020  - Celebrating Community
February 9, 2020  - Celebrating Wisdom
March 8, 2020  - Celebrating Serenity
April 19, 2020  - Celebrating Strength
May 10, 2020  - Celebrating Hope
June 21, 2020 - Celebrating Love
July 12, 2020  - Celebrating Vitality
August Pic+Nic - Date to Be Announced

For more information about this experiment in building LOVING - RADICAL and QUEER Community contact Phillip at:

be a RADICAL action?

Queer Heart Talking Circle



  • Please make certain to arrive prior to the start of the TALKING CIRCLE
  • The door is locked at 5 minutes prior to the opening ritual and latecomers are not admitted. 
  • That you can agree that this CIRCLE is not facilitated and each member must assume all responsibility for their own experience.
  • Please ensure your cell phones and communication devices are turned off as you enter and not turned on until after you leave. 
  • Please be respectful of the manner in which theCIRCLE shares and maintain respectful communication that includes no questions, comments or feedback about any of the SHARES.
  • Please be respectful of the space and the others that are sharing their CIRCLE with you. 
  • Please stay until the CIRCLE is finished and the closing ritual is completed.

Share Community
Build Heart Centered
Radical Community at the 
HEART of Toronto

Queer Heart Talking Circle 

About Heart Circles
"What is a heart circle?

Heart circle is one of the central traditions of radical faerie community. Faeries come together in a circle to speak from the heart, and to listen to one another through our hearts. Usually a talisman of some kind (a talking stick, a shawl, a day-glo bubble wand) is used to identify the faerie who is speaking -- as long as that faerie holds the talisman, that faerie speaks, without interruption or feedback, and everyone else listens, with as much attention and compassion as we can muster. In some heart circles the talisman is passed around the circle and each faerie has that opportunity to speak or to pass the talisman. In other circles when one faerie is done speaking, any other faerie may ask for it. Either way, passing the talisman is an intimate exchange, often accompanied by a hug or a kiss.

Speaking from the heart is difficult to define, but we know when we're doing it, and when we're not. The quality of a heart circle comes as much (or more) from the listening as from the speaking. Many of us have had some or our most deeply emotional, healing, transformative experiences in heart circle. A heart circle can go on for a long time. It's generally okay to join the circle in progress (between speakers, as the talisman is passed), to take a break, or to leave entirely, although the reason they go on so long is that they're so wonderful nobody wants to leave. "

Queer Heart Talking Circle at the Awaken Studio 

The Talking Circle offers a place and space for queer, different, gay, faggot, homosexual, and all men who love men to gather together. 

In the space of the Heart Circle, men share confidentially from their source. Communicating with one another, in a spirit of uplifting and positive energy, men being supportive and supported, and mutually vulnerable and honest. Coming together in community and living, if only for the time and space of this gathering, within the principle of subject-subject relationship. The Queer Heart Talking Circle is a core element of the community of men that come together at the Awaken Studio.

Speaking and communicating from the heart means embracing those gathered as we would want to be embraced. Holding and honouring each other in our journey, our life and in our experience. Within these gatherings we can find, with support and respect,  the power to be vulnerable before one another emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In our heart circle, we agree to communicate, speak and listen from the heart. We agree to assume responsibility for our feelings, projections and our reactions and responses. We agree to refrain from cross-talk and commenting on the shares of others. We also agree wholeheartedly to maintain confidentiality. 

After the Heart Circle gathering all are invited to attend a social mingling, a shared meal. At this time, maintaining respect and confidentiality, all gathered are encouraged to seek out those who have shared difficult stories to offer them your support, your hugs, and (if they desire it) your counsel. At this very informal event all men can satisfy any curiosity that has been raised and share any pieces of history and themselves that they care to share with the others. 

In this process, both in the Talking Circle and at the social gathering, all men are asked to refrain from offering advice, problem solving or entering into communications that are outside of the very personal and innermost, heartfelt spaces that we have shared.

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