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Thursday Practice Self-Pleasure as Self-Care
Dazzling Light

Thursday Practice Self-Pleasure as Self-Care

Thursday Evening with Phillip

All fees subject to 13% HST
Detailed Information and Service Description

8 Participants

120 minutes

$55.00 + HST

Group Experiences
Awaken Studio Toronto

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Service Description - Booking - Payment

Self-Pleasure Practices for Men Group Sessions

All men are welcome to explore and practice the pleasure of masturbation.

Discover the RESTORATIVE Power of Self Care on Thursday Evenings

Join this experience of guided self-pleasure.

Explore being a Voyeur or explore your exhibitionist side

Discover and build your skills, technique, and approach to masturbation.

This Lab Experience allows for experimentation and pleasurable erotic PLAY.

Your touch on your body, your body's response to your touch.

All in a small group of like-minded men exploring in an experience that is often taboo.

Explore YOUR playful and adventurous self.

Build Skill and Practice without fear or guilt.

Explore your Self-Pleasure in the Safe, Sane and

Consensual environment of the Awaken Studio Toronto

Free yourself to treat yourself to an experience unlike any other in the city.

Please bring your:



open beginner's mind

and a water bottle if you have one.

This practice is open to all men

The Awaken Studio welcomes all DIVERSITY.

There is no experience qualification,

body shape or size restriction or

maximum age restriction.

Please be over 19 years of age.

Book YOUR GROUP Experience

Self Care - Thursday 120-minute class 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Single Class $55.00 - with Phillip Coupal

Purchase a 3 class PACK for $40.00 per class SelfCare Touch 3PACK

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