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Awaken Studio Toronto



The Big Drum

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The Dream

I have wanted this

for a long time!

I have been dreaming

of this for a long time.

I hope you will help me to dream big. I hope you will help the Awaken Studio bring more life changing and life affirming experiences to the Awaken Studio. I hope you will contribute your financial support to bringing our community drum to the studio.

The dream is a drum.

The desire is a drum!

The dream is a voice.

The desire is to send a voice to the heavens.

The dream is bold.

The desire is to be bold in the adventure that is the Awaken Studio.

The dream is to open our hearts. 

The desire is to open our hearts and our voices to peace and truth. 

I have found a drum.

It is big, bold, deep, and resonant. This drum can create a wave, a wave of peace and grounding into our discordant and chaotic world. Drums have always had a significance for the work and movement that happens at the Awaken Studio.


The drum can assist our movement of energy, a drum can remind us to breath, a drum can reassure us of our pulse, a drum can be a call to action. 

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The Story

Fall of 2012

Opened in 2012 and for the 10 years that followed the Awaken Studio has delivered change and growth, enlightenment and exuberance, channels to inner awareness and affirmations or integrity, wholeness, and light.


In the fall of 2012, I bought a drum, the biggest drum I could imagine, a lovely Celtic hand drum. It is beautiful, resonant, and bright. NOW, 10 years later I am hoping that you will help me to celebrate by donating to the fund for a new drum. 

Fall of 2022
Now in 2022, I am imagining, dreaming, and opening to something much bigger.


The new drum

will be really big, and very bold. This drum will have a brilliant, deep, and resonant tone. A tone that will be able to deliver a heartfelt song to the earth for healing and enlightenment. I am so excited for this new drum, a work of heart and art.

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The Dream

The Drum

This beautiful creation is from Quebec.

Rob and Bryan at Tribal Spirit are making the drum. Tribal Spirit is located in the Laurentians in a hamlet called Ivry-sur-le-Lac. Ivry-sur-le-Lac is about an hour and a half north and west of Montreal, near Mont Tremblant. The location of the creation of this drum is so very important to me, as my ancestry rests in the

coureur de bois and the voyageurs of the primordial Quebec forests.


When I saw the colours and style of this drum I was reminded of nature and the depth of the night sky. Bold and big, the drum is 30 inches in diameter, weighs 100 pounds and seats 12 drummers.

This Beautiful drum is torch finished with blue strips under a shiny coat of varnish. Resonant the drumhead, the skin is moose hide that will be stained a deep and regal blue. The head is laced to the body with black moose hide strapping that is laid down in a 4-weave lace. The 4 weave lacing an honouring of the four directions, the four seasons, the four universal archetypes of our inner nature.

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Our community drum and my dream is to open the Awaken Studio further and instill the path of the healer, using the drum and a drumming circle to remind us that we are all healers and that we can be our own healing agents. The resonant and rich voice of our drum can call forth our own soul song as we gather to drum as a community.  

From Tribal Spirit: "The drum is sacred, and when the voices of our ancestors are brought back to us through the drum, we thank the singers who are healing our people and Mother Earth."

I hope you will help me bring this drum, our drum, to the Awaken Studio Toronto. Your financial support and your donation will deliver this gift to our community. I thank you in advance and I hope you know how much your gift will mean to the community and the men who come to dance and drum and dream and heal.

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