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Ecstatic Breathwork

Breathwork classes and practices
offered by Phillip Coupal
at the Awaken Studio Toronto

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Faint Glow
Finding Full BODY Awareness
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Candy Cotton

Ecstatic Breathwork

Explore Orgasmic Energy

for ALL Men 

at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Full-Body Awareness & Insight

Wednesday Practices

with Phillip Coupal

Full-Body Awareness &Insight


Join into a group experience,

honoring individuals as they gather to explore orgasmic energy, by practicing ecstatic breathing techniques.

As a group we seek to explore how we can

flow our energies:

  • together or apart,

  • with freedom or constriction.


We can also explore techniques to break old and unwanted habits, creating space for new and unknown experiences.

Candy Cotton
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Orgasmic Energy

Explore Ecstatic Breathwork

for ALL Men 

at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Full-Body Awareness & Insight



All men are welcome to explore Ecstatic Breathwork and Orgasmic Energy at the Awaken Studio Toronto. 

Free yourself to treat yourself to an 
experience unlike any other in the city. 

Please bring your courage, your curiosity and your open beginners mind.

This practice is open to all men and the

Awaken Studio welcomes all DIVERSITY.

There is no experience qualification,

body shape or size restriction or

maximum age restriction.

Please be over 19 years of age

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