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LIFE Force Creative Source - Body Awareness

  • 09 Jan 2013
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Awaken Studio - 270 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 102 Toronto, Ontario Canada


  • Participant - LIFE Force - Creative Source - Body Awareness
    Monthly gathering of me to bring awareness to their holistic body.

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LIFE Force - Creative Source 
Body Awareness
from a Holistic Perspective

Wednesday January 9th will be the opening evening of this series Body AwarenessThis group will meet on the first Wednesday of the month. 

This presentation will combine discussion, meditation,and guided experiential exercise to open, expand or focus awareness of ones body.

This evenings session will begin with a group gathering, move to a guided meditation and visualization focusing on the body, continue to a group discussion with individual sharing about awareness towards ones own body, the group will share and explore some stress and thought management techniques and move to a ritual of closure.

This group will look at the human body from a somatic and holistic point of view. The term body will refer to: physical, mental, emotional, passionate, erotic, intuitive and spiritual. 


Life Force Creative Source is offered from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm on Wednesday evenings. This Awaken Studio offering is 180 minutes of focused and facilitated attention to the Creative and Divine Life Force in each individual. 

There is no prerequisite and no required number of sessions. Your willingness to explore within the laboratory of your body is the only requirement.

The fee for these Body Awareness Sessions of 180 minutes is $25.00 each. Prior registration is required you are encouraged to attend as often as you wish in the pattern that works for you. You may attend these events provided that you have registered in advance and you have had a telephone conversation with Phillip. You can pay on the evening of you attendance if you wish, or pay through this website if you are a member.

You will be asked to follow and adhere to the behavioral and participatory guidelines for this event. 

LIFE Force – Creative Source, a series of evening sessions that focus on various aspects of Life and Creative energy. Some of these sessions will be talk sessions and many will be experiential.

Please email me for further details or information at

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