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Men 4 Men - Sensual Experience and Tantric Exploration

  • 25 May 2014
  • 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Awaken Studio


  • Registration fee for Participation in afternoon Touch Exchange. All taxes are included in the participation fee. Thanks for purchasing your registration a few days prior to the event.
Men 4 Men 
Afternoon Touch Exchange
Sensual Experience and Tantric Exploration

Come to the Awaken Studio Explore and Discover 
Sunday May 25 2014
Registration for this event is closed
For information contact Phillip at:

Enjoy a sensual exploration of you body as you give and receive sensual and full bodied touch. Explore the Tantric principle of Pleasure as a Healing Source.

For more information about this event contact Phillip at:

Men 4 Men – Sensual Touch and Tantric Exploration
Afternoon Erotic Experience for Men
Gather together with a group of adventurous erotic explorers.
Open yourself to the pleasures and sensual qualities of your body.
Welcome yourself into a full-bodied erotic experience guided from a Tantric perspective.
Charge and nourish yourself with the energy of your desire.
Create a sense of knowledge and power based in the feelings of your body.
Mutual and consensual touch, in an uplifting and honouring environment.
Enjoy the simple pleasure of pleasure.
Give and Receive in a heartfelt expression of touch.


      To register on line please subscribe and join the website.

      Touch exchanges are offered several times per month. 
      Although there are no prerequisites for this group an introduction with Phillip is required.

        • 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Awaken Studio
        • 270 Carlaw Avenue Toronto
        • Limited to 16 participants
        • Fee $45.00
        • Interview and Registration required
        • Information contact Phillip at:
        • ________________________________________________

          There is a practice of Breath Work, Body Awareness and Conscious Heartfelt Touch. Each exchange is offered on a weekend afternoon and is held in the comfortable, well equipped and private space provided by the Awaken Studio. 

          You will be asked to make a personal agreement before you attend this event. This agreement about group behaviour will be outlined in a confirming letter and delivered to all participants.  

          Spaces are limited this group is limited to 16 participants.

          If you are curious about this group and would like to have more information before you register please email and let me know your questions, comments or concerns at


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