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10 days – A SLICE of Life – Phillip and the Juicy Heart

10 days – A SLICE of Life – Phillip and the Juicy Heart

So the last 10 days have been all about travelling along with my Husband as he fulfills a dream and carries out a very edgy task. What he did was produce a play. A one act play. Sounds simple and the whole thing was simple as well as immensely complex.

For the last 6 months Tony has worked on all aspects of the production of this play. I have been there with him and been there to help, if needed, and stepped back to give him the space he desired, if that is what he requested. The ebb and flow within our relationship was a sweet prelude to the actual opening of the play. The OPENING was like taking a piece of living breathing flesh, a work of art and putting it forward, heart in hand for the world to savour and enjoy or take in and spit out.  The courage and fortitude that my dear husband has is astounding to me and an inspiration.

My job was to stand by my man as he lived his dream. He has done this so often for me that it was my pleasure to do the same for him. It has been my great joy to be with my Love as over the last 10 days we together have been inspired and excited, devastated and squashed, thrilled and scared, blissful and fatigued. Everything has been that which is what life is. To experience all of the all of LIFE is the inspiration of breath and the revitalization of actually living.

The past 10 days have been startling, surprising. I see my life spread before me and can know that there are parts good and parts bad. That there are elements of my life I want and desire and others that I do not care for. My knowing, having gone through all of these 10 days and the six months before is that the simple naive and chaotic joy of creation fills me with the force of life.

There were times in the 10 days that I felt 100 years old, dry, wizened and fatigued. This state I loath. And there were other times when I felt I was a new born, innocent and unknowing. This naive state, is where I adore being.

I slept well last night and dreamed and explored in unknow realms. What I discovered as I awoke was that if, over the past 10 days; IF, I remained naive and curious, I was okay, life was good and everything would go smoothly. I believe that the state of naivety, curiosity and chaos combined to have ne be on edge and constantly resonding, creating and being myself.

I resolve to strive for the naivity, creativity and to play in the chaos. These three elements naivety, creativity and chaos are where I find JUICE. Lots and Lots of JUICE!

the JUICY Heart ❤

The Radiance and Explosion of the Sacred JUICY Heart! – July 2011

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