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Action = Passion + Energy – Fear ~ Juicy Heart

Action = Passion + Energy – Fear ~ Juicy Heart

Today is all about motion and keeping the momentum going.

Just a few hours perhaps a day or two to mount a new website for the Swimming Club that I belong to. There seem to be so many small details and I know we can take care of all of them as we move along. There is a pleasure and a joy in me that burns brightly as I follow passion and energy…

There is something about the light and shadow in this picture that stirs me today. There is something about the story of the Chiesa di San Moise that intrigues me… a site so overloaded with “ostentatious Baroque stone decorations that several statues were removed in 1878” a site that is given over to the glorification of an old Venetian family … There seems to me to be beauty and redemption in the painting and eternal JOY in the facade.

There can only be REDEMPTION in the light - VeniceBeauty in florid JOY of carved stone ... Venice

JOY in the florid beauty of the Baroque - Venice 1668

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