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Adventure – Juicy Heart

It is wonderful to be in such a BIG adventure!

Yesterday as I picked up the paper off the streetcar seat this was the first article my eyes fell on.


The adventure is just beginning. You end up with something different than you expected. What will you discover? Flexibility and patience are key.

I was a bit stunned looking at this as I had just been to see a space. I was so totally disappointed. The room was alright, there were no amenities… those could be provided. The biggest sign that said beware was that there was no washroom in the space. Going seeing and being in all the disappointment actually had a lesson and that was I need a washroom as part of the space.

Today the adventure continues and is always beginning… I will seek and search and look some more. The right place will come up. The right thing has always come up.

Loving life and loving the BIG adventure.

The BIG adventure

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