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Celebrating -♥- Juicy Heart


Celebrating freedom and fertility. There is something immensely exciting about the spring and about the transformation that takes place in this time of opening – coming OUT.

The Awaken Studio is a year old over this weekend. The move took place over the Easter Weekend in 2012. This event brings up a lot of emotion and many thoughts. Most of all it brings up the triumph of my own internal Rite of Spring. The word that I would like to write and I constantly put back into the box is EMANCIPATION. In my own journey, opening the studio and beginning on a path to my own personal and professional fruition has been like being on a path to, through and into FREEDOM.

This new-found place of FREEDOM is a place that is full of many new-found elements: Strength, Confidence and Balance. This place of FREEDOM constantly relies on: Graciousness, Kindness and Generosity. This place of FREEDOM grows into: LOVE, ECSTASY and PLEASURE.

This weekend and particularly today… Good Friday in the Christian tradition… a day of Celebration and Service in my tradition. Today there will be 20 men at the Touch Exchange event taking place at the Awaken Studio. This I Celebrate. This is a Triumph to me. This is all a blessing of the earth and the universe and this blessing humbles me.

Joy to the World ~ I hope that today the world will feel full in the EMANCIPATION of the earth in the RITES of SPRING.

LOVE and JOY and PEACE to all

Celebrating the Awaken Studio and Emancipation

Celebrating the Awaken Studio and Emancipation

Awaken Studio

Awaken Studio 270 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 102 Toronto, Ontario Canada

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