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Curiousity ~ Juicy Heart

There is a sweet and delicious curiousity that is present today.

The weekend is fast approaching. Another Body Electric workshop and there will be men from far and near. I am always curious about who will show up. This curiousity builds in me and augments and amplifies my energy. There is a sweetness that has developed over the years as I have held the space for men to come together and explore on levels that are often taboo and or held so closely as to be inscrutable. My curiousity expands and grows over the weekend as these taboo subjects of sex and sexuality are opened up. My curiousity expands and grows over the weekend as that which is inscrutable becomes clear and manifests some new meaning.

Today I will be infused with curiousity and the sweet pleasure of preparing the nest.

The Sweet Pleasure of Preparing the Nest

For more information about the Body Electric School and the workshops that are held here in Toronto please visit the school website

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