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Diversity – Peace and Naked Yoga for Men in Toronto -♥- Juicy Heart

Yoga tonight was a wonderful experiment and a lovely flow into the body as well as spirit. With Breath, movement, stretch and focusing in… the body and spirit opens.  -♥- The class for me, was an emotional voyage as I can feel the Awaken Studio becoming a Temple, Sanctuary, a Tabernacle for spirit. There is something for me that is very special as we who gather, create: space, community and synergistic QUEER energy that can bring PEACE to the world and PEACE to the individuals who share practice, community and space together. -♥- PROUD that we welcomed a man who is both deaf and blind. What a wonderful powerful moment. Welcoming a man who has never felt a part of. Honouring him and being gifted by him as we all shared space and practice. -♥- I am so glad that the Awaken Studio can welcome so much diversity. I am so glad and I am so gifted the the men of youth and the men of age, the men of colour and the men of big and the men of small, the men of short and the men of tall. All men are welcome and when all me gather we can create MAGIC. I am so glad that we can all gather peacefully together. -♥-

Thanks to out leader, Gregory Saliba for sharing his gifts and his light.  -♥- I know that I will certainly sleep more peacefully tonight.-♥-


Awaken Studio Toronto Naked Yoga for Men Tuesday 8:00 pm

Awaken Studio Toronto Naked Yoga for Men Tuesday 8:00 pm

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