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EXCITED -♥- Juicy Heart

Excited today.

A flash of awareness occurred to me over the weekend as I prepared for vacation.

This flash was about structure, the unpredictable and what surprise does to me. Surprise does excite me and stimulates me. Even BAD surprise.  BAD surprise, GOOD surprise they both pool together in breath… and lead to EXCITEMENT.

The excitement will only come through me when I have rid myself of the structure, have played in the unpredictable and been able to totally and viscerally swim in my POWER. This POWER is the POWER to choose. The CHOICE is always about choosing to know that I have POWER at least the power to choose the attitude that I will have towards the surprise, the unpredictable, the lack of structure.

Over time I have learned as well that if I can not adjust my attitude towards whatever it is that is blocking excitement then I really need to get curious. CURIOUS about everything! curious about all that is around me, my history, my present and my future. Curiousity is a great anecdote for my need of structure, my fear of the unpredictable and when I am lacking of surprise.

Treat yourself to a SURPRISE today and get CURIOUS. You might find yourself really, truly EXCITED.

Life is TOO important to be taken seriously.

Life is TOO important to be taken seriously.


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