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Excitement and Rejuvination -♥- Juicy Heart

This time of year is the so exciting for me! This time of year is full of the richness and vitality of all that is new even though the pallour of decay is in the air.

I adore what was in my horoscope particularly the part about decay… It is only from clearing up the dead and dried up stuff clearing it away that we can access the fresh and vital parts that are so alive. I wonder what will come forward as breakdown, I wonder what will come forward as dissolution. I look forward to all that is fresh and new under all that is old and tired.

The horoscope from NOW Toronto:

Libra Sep 23 | Oct 22

If you’ve been reading my horoscopes for a while, you know I’m not a decadent cynic who thinks “no pain, no gain” is the supreme formula for success. On the contrary. I think it’s quite possible to enjoy tremendous growth spurts when you’re happy and healthy. Pleasurable events can be great learning experiences. Joy and freedom may activate potentials that would otherwise remain dormant. Having said that, I want to make a suggestion that may seem at odds with my usual approach, even though it’s not. For the next two weeks, I encourage you to explore the necessary power of decay. Harness the archetypes of breakdown and dissolution as you put an end to things whose time is up. This work is key to your future rejuvenation and renaissance.

All of this plays out as I plan and develop to bring forward an exciting and vibrant new series of Experiential Experiences designed to Explore Eroticism

Watch for more in the next few days… and check and check the news and calendar links -♥-

Moon Flowers

Moon Flowers … A favourite in their temporary DIVINE Decadence!

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