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Following the DREAM -♥- Juicy Heart

Following the DREAM Living on the ECSTATIC Path

Starting the New Year out with the realization that I am a DREAM Chaser.  My life is enriched and

Following my DREAM has lead me into some very rocky ground and at the same time has lead me into the most fertile territories. The perseverance of following the dream has sometimes been a challenge. The loneliness is always there. The richness and delight that becomes manifest in my life when I let the dream unfold brings me a sense of worth and abundance. If I do no follow the course of my dream life is too dry and static, and is not worth living.

Part of following the dream is to be on an ECSTATIC Path. This path again is unknown and sometimes seems so formless that I might be frozen in fear. Letting myself open to the fullness of the fear and defrost the terror, I am always able to step through. The path always appears and supports me.

Following the DREAM and living on the ECSTATIC Path fills my life with unexpected JOY and soothes me with PLEASURE.

LOVING my life at the dawn of a New YEAR.

Following the DREAM Living on the ECSTATIC Path.

Following the DREAM Living on the ECSTATIC Path.

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