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Intimate Touch Exchange for Men – Toronto -♥- Juicy Heart

Men 4 Men Touch Exchange

Men learn to give and receive erotic and sensual touch in a healthy, safe,supportive,  uplifting and honouring environment

  1. Explore your erotic, sexual and sensual self,

  2. Explore in an environment  that supports, encourages and assists emotional and erotic journeys that promote holistic healing,

  3. Explore within a group of heartfelt and courageous men, feel less isolated and create more connections within a supportive community

  4. Explore the connection between erotic expression and a sense of well-being and wholeness

This event welcomes all men no matter their sexual identity or orientation. Men of all levels of experience and knowledge are welcome, together we are able to learn from and with each other.

This event welcomes all who can open themselves to a sense of adventure and exploration in the realm of their body, on a physical level as well as on an erotic and sexual level.

If you would like further information please make certain to contact Phillip Coupal at

If you would like complete information or to register for the event please visit Men 4 Men Touch Exchange – Toronto

Intimate Erotic Touch Exchange for Men - Toronto

Intimate Erotic Touch Exchange for Men – Toronto

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