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January 2013 Toronto Erotic Community for Men -♥- Juicy Heart

News Update Phillip Coupal and the Awaken Studio

January 2013

Building Erotic Community for Men Who LOVE Men in Toronto

Erotic Explorations – Tantric Experiments – Sex Education


If you are: a man who loves men. A man who is looking for full bodied experiences of connection with other men. If you are a seeker, an adventurer and simply wish to take part in events that explore the connection between your erotic nature and your divine self then please explore further on the website.

For complete listings of the events in January read further through this News Update. If you have a question or need more information I would be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at


Pigments in India

A New Year… New Beginnings… New DREAMS  Awaken Studio – 270 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 102, Toronto Ontario

What are your dreams for 2013? What are you letting go of? What are seeking more of?

These were some of the questions we asked in community at the New Years Day Heart Circlefor men. This event was very powerful and contained meaning for me as I was able to listen to, integrate and support the New Years dreams of the men who were there and sharing, and I was able to share my own dreams and desires with a group of men who were able to hold my heart.

This New Years event brought forward the need for more community events of this nature at the Awaken Studio. Events that simply support and allow for the free expression of what goes on in the hearts of men. Events that allow for men to come together and be held, supported and loved in their expression and manifestation.

At the Awaken Studio many of the events that are line for 2013 are as a direct result of requests coming from the community of men. The Wednesday evening salon series is an example of this opening to offerings as they are requested. Come on IN and be yourself, you never know what surprise you might find.

The events and offering are very consistent. Each month there are: unique offerings exploring the hearts of men on Wednesday evenings, a Breath, Movement and Meditation class Thursday evenings, a monthly afternoon Touch Exchange, a full day of exploration and discovery –Exquisite Connections and finally there are weekend offerings that allow for a deeper and more expanded experience. Check out what is available and make certain to look through the

Take a look below to find listings for the January events at the Awaken Studio. If you wish to attend any of these events please visit the website page for the event that has caught your interest. You will find that it is very easy to register and pay through the event registration page. If for any reason you are uncertain, have a question or simply need more information email me

Please know that, however you join, however you find your way in, I look forward to this big adventure in building community and I am grateful and glad to be of service to you.

Pigments in India


– January Events –

Men 4 Men Touch Exchange Sunday January 13, 2013

The Monthly Touch Exchange event is scheduled for Sunday afternoon January 13 from 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

Join with a group of like hearted men.

Participants will give and receive a touch that explores Taoist Erotic Massage techniques as taught by Joseph Kramer. These techniques designed to build and move energy through the body, offering a full body experience and leading for further knowledge of pleasure and desire.

The fee for this event is $45.00.

Dream Shared of a Community of Loving Men

Dream Shared of a Community of Loving Men


LIFE Force – Creative Source for Men Wednesday Evenings January 9, 16, 23, and 30

Wednesday evening a “Salon” of information, a place for self examination and for connection with other men looking, seeking.

Life Force Creative Source is offered from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm on Wednesday evenings. This Awaken Studio offering is 180 minutes of focused and facilitated attention to the Creative and Divine Life Force in each individual.

Awaken Your Creative Source

Please check the descriptions within the link for each of the offerings.

Please check each event as the fee changes for each evening.


LIFE Force –  Movement for Men Thursday Evenings January 10, 17, 24, and 31

Breath, Movement and Meditation. Focused and facilitated exercises to awaken Kundilini LIFE force energy and stimulate energetic movement through the energy centers of the body.Activate Your Breath, Move Your Body, Ground Your Energy From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Awaken LIFE Force energy in your body

Participants will move through a guided experience designed to stimulate energy and creative LIFE Force.

The fee for this event is $10.00

  1. Register on Line for January 10

  2. Register on Line for January 17 – with Paul Galloro 

  3. Register on Line for January 24

  4. Register on Line for January 31 – with Paul Galloro 


Awaken Studio will host 3 events on weekends through January 2013.

Afternoon event

Men 4 Men Touch Exchange 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm Sunday January 13

Weekend event

Experiential Embodied Erotic Exploration Taoist Erotic Massage and Genital Touch Friday January 18, Saturday January 19 and 20

Call for availability 416-557-7312

Single Day Weekend event

Exquisite Connections for Men 9:30 am to 5:300 pm Saturday January 26


Erotic Bodywork for Men - Toronto

Erotic Bodywork for Men – Toronto


Heart Circle for Men

Please watch for future updates for this featured event at the Awaken Studio

Join in this Community event for all who identify as men. Share and be witnessed with, what you are seeking and creating.

Bring yourself into a Community of Like Hearted Men

Brave and Willing to Share from their Heart

This series of events will commence near the end of the month.

These Heart Circles will take place on Sunday evenings. Please let me know if you are interested in taking part in this.

Welcome your Heart, Desire and Deepest Dreams

Honouring the Divine in ALL Men


July 14th to 21st 2013.

Brand new and in uncharted territory the 7 day and 7 evening offering is a wholly new community event. This event will begin with an afternoon gathering on the 14th and conclude with lunch on the 21st.

a full 7 days and 7 evenings of erotic exploration.

Find new paths to your centers of pleasure. Begin the journey into the temple of your body, discover new connections through desire into your spirit body and the depth of your soul.


Smiling and BEing devotional - January 2012

Smiling and BEing devotional – January 2013


If you know someone who might benefit from this newsletter, the website, or the services that are provided byPhillip Coupal – Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork and the Awaken Studio,  please feel free to pass this update along. If you are not currently subscribed at and you would like to receive monthly email updates from Phillip Coupal and the Awaken Studio you will need to Subscribe and join the website.

Be well and play safe. Sent with LOVE, honour and respect. Namaste Phillip

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