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July at the Awaken Studio -♥- Juicy Heart

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The latest Bulletin from the 

Awaken Studio

News Update and Events July 2013  

Phillip Coupal 

Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork

Twitter NewsletterJuly a Month of Exploration and Discovery

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Pleasure Camp

Create Your OWN 

Kama Sutra

Awaken the Pleasures and Treasures of your Erotic Life. 

Summer Intensive – Play Camp for Men at the Awaken Studio downtown Toronto.

Turn on the power of PLEASURE. Explore in uncharted territory, share the jewels of your discovery with other men on the journey.

July 14 to 21.

$750.00 for the whole week including 18 sessions and all materials.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants.


July 14 to July 21


Register and Pay Online

Touch Exchange Sensual Touch Tantric Exploration Touch Exchange Anal Exploration For Men Loving MenTouch Exchange Taoist Erotic Massage ExchangeSensual and healing touch combined with a Tantric Exploration. Discover the Healing Power of Pleasure, Breathe into sensation. Explore different postures or mudras for giving and receiving. Surprise yourself and find, play and nurture new pleasure points.

Offered Sunday July 28 1:00 to 6:00 pm


Register for this EventSlow down, discover the depth of feeling in the mystery of the ass. Create safety, and pleasure, honour and delight in this introduction to butt play.

Take a big deep breath and image the power that you will feel and the sense of relief flowing through you when you surrender to the permission to explore in forbidden territory. Offered Saturday July 27 12:00 to 6:00 pm


Register for this EventA stimulating and energizing experience. Embody the pleasure of giving and receiving genital touch in a safe, honouring and playful environment. 

Find freedom techniques from the same old, same old ways of connecting. Discover the realms of ecstasy found in heart-felt connection with men. 

Offered Sunday July 21 1:00 to 6:00 pm


Resuming Fall 2013 Events to Discover

Awakening Kundilini Intro Explorations Individual Experience Heart Jam for Men

Check for the offerings at the Awaken Studio close to the end of July

Summer Break at the Awaken Studio

August 5


September 4

See you in September

if you need to reach me I can be contacted by email at :

Adult Sex Education and Personal Growth Experiences 




Come OUT and Play OUTSIDE the ClosetNew for Fall 2013 Workshops Exploring

Oral Sex Anal Sex Sex Sex Bondage

Check for the New offerings at the Awaken Studio close to the end of July

Phillip Coupal CounsellingPhillip Coupal CoachingPhillip Coupal BodyworkHearing and witnessing the depth of life stories as men become more accepting, understanding and compassionate in their lives, nurturing: truth, hope and kindness. Individuals and CouplesWorking with men and male couples to: vision, develop and implement new problem solving skills and behaviours, allowing for sustainable, maintainable results.

Individuals and Couples

Working with all who manifest as men, to create a safer, more peaceful and loving world with conscious expression of erotic and life force energies, embodied in touch.

Individuals and Groups

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