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Kama Sutra Journey – Discovering the Treasure of your Erotic Life Toronto – October 10 t

Kama Sutra Journey – Discovering the Treasure of your Erotic Life

Day Camp for Men in Toronto

Next offered October 10th (evening session) to October 14th

Awaken to your Erotic Potential

Discover the Deepest Pleasure and Treasure of your Body 

Create Your Own Kama Sutra 

awaken the pleasures and treasures of your erotic life

Kama Sutra Journey for Men Toronto Information –

Kama Sutra Journey for Men Toronto Information –


Spend a Glorious Week in Toronto

Occupy a temple setting to explore and share new erotic discoveries. Bring the pleasure of understanding to your personal sexual treasures. Create reassurance and awakening around newly found information about yourself and your relationship to your erotic and sexual life. Explore new territory. Exercise, nourish and strengthen your internal wisdom to drop away layers of shame, guilt and sexual anxiety. 

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand.

Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

This voyage of discovery is taking place in  Downtown Toronto at the Awaken Studio, 

October 10 to 14

An experiential, educational, erotic exploration, this intensive workshop will take place in a day-camp style setting. 

The atmosphere will be inclusive and uplifting, welcoming of diversity. 

As a group we will gather and explore. 

We will play through three sessions per day, sharing many meals and breaks. 

There will be plenty of time for: relaxation, rest, integration & synthesis.

The event is limited to 10 participants. An interview either in-person or by telephone is required prior to registration. Please make certain to contact Phillip prior to registration.

Experience Your Erotic Potential 

Discover the Deepest Pleasure of Your Body

Create Your Own Kama Sutra

Intensive and in Depth Experiential Embodied Erotic Exploration

October 10 to 14 Awaken Studio ~ Toronto

This Experiential Embodied Erotic Exploration will begin with a gathering and welcoming ritual on the first evening and will close with an honouring and parting ritual in the ev ening of the last day.

Over the several days of this journey of personal exploration and discovery there will be many sessions to begin personal growth and open the field for new discoveries in relation to erotic spirit, self image and pleasurable, healthy erotic and sexual well-being.

The atmosphere and tone for the event is: respectful, playful, honouring and inclusive. As a group we will assemble and create a safe and uplifting space for each men to explore, discover and create new patterns and pleasures in their erotic life.

Registration for this Long Weekend event is:


An interview and introduction as well as some discussion of intention with Phillip, is required prior to registration for this event.

Beauty, Truth, Freedom, and above all Love

Kama Sutra Journey for Men Toronto Information –

Come and BE Intimate

Create an erotic treasure map for yourself, dive deep into a safe harbor within your being

Explore your edges and beyond, thrill to undiscovered delight as you extend into unknown territories

Discover new treasure in your erotic life, as you breathe deeply with your gems of internal wisdom

Unlock, with new found keys the secrets of your beautiful, sensual and erotic feeling body

Unearth and dive into the essential treasure of your sex, pleasure, health and well-being

Experience new information allowing knowledge to create personal growth, knowledge and power

Bring forth: fantasy and the alchemy of desire as you create and manifest bliss, ecstasy and peace

Reward yourself with immeasurable sensuality and feel the ease of dancing on an ecstatic path

Share generously with others your discoveries, rewards and pleasure in a shameless journey

Treasure the Bounty of 

Spirit Within

For more Information 

Please Contact Phillip at:

Please be aware that this event might challenge old beliefs, create shift in your ability to be intimate, loving, playful and shameless with other men. Finally you might find within yourself new skills and knowledge to be a vibrant, connected and erotically energetic man in a peaceful world.

Conscious Expression of Erotic  and Life Force Energy

Programs and Events for Men who LOVE Men

Kama Sutra Journey for Men Toronto Information –

Kama Sutra Journey for Men Toronto Information –

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