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Less SHAME More LOVE -♥- Juicy Heart

What is growing in your garden?

Living with shame can be toxic… dry… frozen. A life full of regret, anxiety and fear.

  1. What can happen in life when one can shed the layers of shame, guilt, stigma?

  2. What can happen when one replaces shame with honour, pride, respect?

Living without shame can be verdant… juicy… hot. A life full of joy, peace and love.

I believe that when we drop the layers of shame that we carry in our lives we can live more fully and freely. We will have more time and energy to express the verdant nature of our selves and true heart.

When you want to have  a conversation about how you can create a detox from shame, let me know I would be glad to have this conversation with you.

Living life with less shame and more love.

Living life with less shame and more love.

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