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Loving TREES -♥- Juicy Heart

I woke up this morning and went to sleep last night loving trees. I dreamt of the radiant green energy that radiates from the trees. I dreamt and fantasized about the radiant green energy that flows from my heart!

All this from the Breath – Movement – Meditation class last night at the Awaken Studio.

I am so glad that I opened the studio space for this. I am grateful for the wonderful pairing of Paul Galloro.

My body feels so great today as I channel the energy and power of the tree to my spine. My heart feels wonderful and light today as I feel the green energy seeping through me. Erotically and creatively I feel open and clear.

Grateful for the wonderful group of men who showed up for this event!



The tree that I Hugged and Loved after the LIFE Force movement class at the Awaken Studio

Awaken Studio – LIFE Force Movement for Men for information about all events call 416-557-7312 or email me at

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