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NEW and Juicy -♥- Juicy Heart

The best thing that ever happened to me!

Today what sits at the top is being told that I was irrelevant… Long story and I will not get into the details of who said blah blah blah…

I was told, shouted at, and then pounded into me that I was irrelevant.

That blow, sent me into a deep process that has brought me out of my shell, created a force in me that is fierce and has made me see that everything that I do each and every day is totally relevant!

This energy of CELEBRATION, VALUE and JOY has permeated what I am doing in my new website… Soon to be live!

Submit your sex questions, your curiosity, your quest for knowledge about your body, your sex, your genitals, your erotic self, your erotic spirit… to DEAR PINK… your answer will appear in the members forum area of the new site…



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