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New Year ♥ Juicy Heart

It is the New Year. A NEW beginning. ♥

This is the time when many make resolutions and commit themselves to doing. I am non-plussed by this tradition. I have done this so many times, only to set myself up for a big FAIL. So I will create my own path and find my own tradition.

This year I will be looking to success and to what is successful and rich. Success often equals pleasure and pleasure is motivational and healing. My success actually breads more success and so… I will look to what has been successful for me in the past and create some more of that.

Look to more baking… I will give it away. ♥ Look for more touch… I feel fulfilled and whole leading groups of Men Touching Men. ♥ Look for more travel… My mind is enriched and my heart open when I visit new places. ♥ Look for more invitations to friends and family… I am made a bigger person when I am with my community. ♥ Look for a bigger juicier and more expansive heart… I am more me when I share my heart openly with other. ♥

Some Horoscopes for the day:

Take a break from your daily routine and get off the track today, Libra. The world will turn with you for a day, so feel free to tune out for a while. Remember that whatever path you decide to take is the right path. Regret is a useless emotion – don’t even bother with it. Enjoy the present day and all the small joys that it has to offer. Communicate your dreams and bring things into balance .

Today, you will be in a mishmash of emotions and feelings. Also, there are chances of accumulated feelings finding an outlet. Your capacity for emotional display may take people by surprise. However, you will also enjoy the higher responsibilities reposed on you, predicts Ganesha.

Happy New Year! Theoretically, now, there’s not a star in heaven you can’t reach. Assuming, that your sights are set that high. It may be something more earthly that you are after. Somewhere in your heart, though, there’s a burning ambition, a deep desire, an intense aspiration. You are half-inclined to deny that it exists, simply because to admit to it is to concede a degree of vulnerability. But even if you don’t admit it, you will soon see the reality. You have been praying for positive change for a long time. Someone has been listening!

You may feel compelled to seek out your friends and family today. The simple companionship of your loved ones could be highly enjoyable, especially if the conversations you take part in help you realize that each of the important people in your life are unique and highly complex. You may be more in tune than usual with the people you care for and more cognizant of the many loves, likes, dislikes, and ethics that drive them. Now is a wonderful time to engage in fulfilling conversations, do something fun with friends, or go on a family outing. The people you approach are likely to appreciate your social mood. Instead of thinking today about what your relationships can do for you, think about what you can do for your relationships.

When you can see a value in your loved ones that goes beyond what they provide you, your relationships grow closer and more intense. Doing this helps you become an equal participant in your relationships. You’ll be better equipped to understand your loved ones’ multifaceted motivations and accept that there are always going to be things about the people you care for that you will never fully comprehend. Your original dependence can blossom into a complex set of feelings that is focused on simply enjoying people. The value you see in your loved ones today will allow you to appreciate them for who they are.

Happy New Year to all and may your dreams come to fruition and your life be blessed with meaning. ♥

Lakshmi – Ganesha – Sarasvati

An introduction…

Lakshmi – Goddess of Abundance, Fertility and Generosity

Ganesha– Remover of Obstacles and Lord of Beginnings

Sarasvati – Goddess of Knowledge, Music, Arts and Science

Beginning the New Year with Hands Raised to the Heavens!

Love in my Heart! ♥

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