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Orgasmic Yoga for Men Awaken Studio Toronto Fall 2014 -♥- Juicy Heart

Orgasmic Yoga for Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto – Fall Winter 2014

At ten week series of Orgasmic Yoga classes at the Awaken Studio will be starting on Thursday September 18th.

The sessions will be held on Thursday evenings from 8-9:30 at the Awaken Studio (270 Carlaw Ave, Unit 102). This is a quiet, warm and private space to make discoveries and deepen our practice. There is a washroom onsite.

The first session of this next series will be on September 18th. The fee is $175.00 for the ten week series. You can pay with cheque or cash on the first day of class. Payment can also be made through the registration portal on the website at: Register for 10 Week Orgasmic Yoga Series The registration portal allows for a charge or debt card transaction through a PayPal interface

This yoga experience will focus on gentle and safe exploration through an exploration of orgasmic energy. The exploration of Orgasmic Energy will be created with relaxation, breath, movement and meditation. All male identified persons are welcome. All levels of experience as well as diversity in age and body type are welcomed. Please bring a Yoga mat and Towel to class.

For all events at the Awaken Studio there are a limited number of spaces available. Pre-registration is always suggested and encouraged. Pre-registration will also ensure that we have the requisite base, in order to move ahead. If you would like to join please let me know as soon as possible, or register for the series on the web portal. If you are unable to register for the entire 10 week session, we will be welcoming Drop In participants as we have in the past. The fee for Drop In Orgasmic Yoga classes is $20.00 per session with a prior email on the afternoon of the day of the class.

I am grateful to share this space with you and I am grateful for the opportunities that have opened with this Orgasmic Yoga program. Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions. Call at 416-557-7312 or email at



Orgasmic Yoga at the Awaken Studio Toronto

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