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Permission -♥- Sweet Juicy Heart at the Awaken Studio Toronto

A discussion about the difference between PERMISSION and RESPONSIBILITY occurring across the breakfast table this morning.

We are given our responsibilities by the society and the world that surrounds us. Responsibility is very often an external force that is dictated to us and forces us to be in a generative mode that is outside of ourselves. Permission is something we give ourselves. Permission is something that comes from within and is formulated out of a consensus within ourselves.

Much of this conversation comes from some recent reading that demanded “Take RESPONSIBILITY for your EROTIC EDUCATION.” I immediately retracted as I read this and looked to what had created that retraction within me. I all came from a place inside of me that had been forced to take something that I did not want and shoulder the weight of this unwanted demon and I gritted my teeth and took RESPONSIBILITY.  I looked at this and thought what could I do that could be different. I could give myself PERMISSION to create my EROTIC LIFE. Tis felt so much more fluid and easy to take on.

The permissions inside of me can understand creation vs taking. The permissions inside of me can understand an erotic life. The permissive part of me can wonder with great scepticism about what an erotic education could possibly look like. I decided that I would forgo responsibility and look to the permissive parts of myself and look to what I could possibly create.

Oh YES! I say let’s be creative and free together. Let us not be forced into taking something that we do not want and can not understand.

Oh YES! I say let’s be joyful together as we co-create a new way, a way that is outside of the condescension and force of an outsiders demand.

Oh YES! I say let’s be ourselves and we commingle and get sweet and juicy together.

The wonder of all of this for me is so much about how I choose and create this consensus within. Halleluja and the universe be praised for self determination and individuality.

Today I give myself permission to create my erotic life. Come and play in my loving laboratory. Come and be yourself as you give yourself permission to create the life of your dreams.

LOVE Phillip – Sweet Juicy Heart here at the Awaken Studio in Toronto

Awaken Studio Toronto

Awaken Studio Toronto

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