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Sexual Tension at the Awaken Studio -♥- Juicy Heart

Sexual Tension among Men

I just read an invitation to a Naked Yoga event. Part of the invitation was that I would be able to gather in a rare space, a space that let men be together, be naked and be in a space where there would be NO Sexual Tension.

This made me laugh!

When men gather together there will always be some form of sexual tension, cloths on or cloths off. Add into the equation that many of the men are likely Gay, Bi or Queer and this adds into the mix of thoughts, chemicals and posturing that will increase the Sexual Tension. 

What would happen to Sexual Tension, if like that little fish that you catch, you know the one that is so small you can not keep it, you could learn to release Sexual Tension or let Sexual Tension go, rather than deny or think that Sexual Tension simply does not exist. Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about some form of Happy Ending. I am speaking to the fact that as human beings it serves our humanity well when we can be more humane and more humanistic with ourselves.

I pride myself in creating a space where that Sexual Tension can be addressed in a safe, honouring and uplifting manner. To say that there will be no Sexual Tension when men gather together, lacks an awareness of human nature. It is funny how we humans deny how much like dogs and other animals we are. I am happy to know, fully in my being, that the services I provide, the events that I create and the space that I manifest at the Awaken Studio can provide men a forum and a laboratory to experience, work with and play with the Sexual Tension that is in each of us. This laboratory allows for the safe expression of this Sexual Tension rather that the suppression and denial of what exists within the human condition.

Treat yourself to some new awareness and experience the pleasure of being able to be HUMAN – MALE and NAKED! Welcome yourself into a space where you can be empowered by your sexuality and your gender. WELCOME and HONOUR your masculinity, be aware and capable of your desire.

Awaken Studio - Naked Events for Men -

Awaken Studio – Naked Events for Men –

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