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Sexy Curiousity – Juicy Heart

Simply being with the curiousity of sex and sexuality and gender and role and masculinity – femininity,  …

Today I will just let my mind go to wherever it goes. I was very deeply affected by seeing the “Normal Heart” yesterday. Seeing what role sex-phobia plays in my daily life. Seeing where fear of letting everything hang out plays out. Seeing where I recoil and where I coil, where I pull back and where I leap in, where I am passionate and full and where I fearful and empty.

Questioning what role shame plays in how I view, hold, unfold, live and act as a being and a being with sex and sexual urges. How do I view my true self? Do I let my true nature come out, do I hide behind some realm of normal?

Introspective and searching in all of my curiousity.

Love ME – Blessed BE

Opening the Door on Sex and Sexuality - Sexy Curiousity - Bologna December 2009

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