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Taoist Erotic Massage for Men – Awaken Studio Toronto -♥- Juicy Heart

Taoist Erotic Massage for Men

A BODY Prayer

I am just home from delivering an afternoon of Taoist Erotic Massage for a group of men. The experience today was exhilarating and I found myself wondering what made a difference for me in the work that I offered today.

The first element was that the men who were there for this experience were: curious and willing. These men were resolute in their ability to address the individual concerns that brought them, powerfully diving into the experience where they would explore full bodied and genital touch with a group of other men. The courage and determination of these men was wonderful to see. I was inspired as these men came more fully into their bodies and became more of who they are as individuals and as human beings.

The second element of the afternoon was that the pace I took was slower than I have ever delivered. This slowness of pace brought forward a state of rich reverence with the men as they connected with each other. This state of reverence is an unusual place for men to be in. In everyday life outside of the Awaken Studio it is my experience, that men often: look and compare, look and objectify, look and diminish. Today was uplifting, without comparisons, without objectification and without diminishment. In this reverential experience of men connecting, looking and touching each other, the sacred quality of the body was delivered in ways that were mysterious and unknown. When men are able to look at each other and touch each other and stir erotic and sexual energies with each other, mystical and sacred energies begin to flow. Being in this energy was exhilarating for me, after the afternoon came to a close several of the men spoke of this exhilaration.

The third and most moving element of all is that there is a divine beauty in the men as they give and receive intimate and erotic touch. There is a section of the ritual where the back is touched and massaged. This is an introduction and way of introducing touch and breath and connection. The slow, gracious and graceful touch and connection between the men was beautiful and stirred passion. As the men circled further into a deeper place within themselves and with the fellows that they were touching and massaging, the beauty created a crescendo.  Today this beauty built, grew and spiralled into the heavens. This beauty became a prayer, an homagé, an adoration. As the afternoon unfolded the depth of beauty within the room and within the men intensified.

Today I felt inspired. I felt the need in me to deliver more and more and more of this intensely personal and totally relevant work with men. I felt the need in me to be more human with others, as I am more human with myself. I felt connected to these men and part of a community of lovers and men who were willing to the REAL with each other.

How and where and when does this happen?

Yes, you can travel to the far reaches of the earth in search of kindness and human connection. Yes, you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars seeking community and relevance. Yes, you can be told and taught how to be gracious and graceful. Yes, you can escape the need for human connection by dwelling in the world of a smart phone. I say, WAIT! I say, don’t bother with all of that!

Get real, get connected, get into yourself. Come to an afternoon at the Awaken Studio and practice the human art of connecting and loving, being vulnerable and curious, willing and courageous and you can come away forever changed. You can come away from an afternoon and feel. Feel better about yourself. Feel more peaceful and deeply connected to yourself. Feel empowered to bring more of the beautiful and brilliant parts of yourself to: who you are, to a group of men and ultimately to the world.

I am enjoying the rich and vibrant feelings that I have from just now coming home having given myself an afternoon of praying to male bodies,  breathing in the richness of humanity, touching the divine and holding another man. All this from an afternoon at a Men 4 Men Touch Exchange exploring Erotic Touch with Taoist Massage at the Awaken Studio in Toronto.

Peace, Joy and LOVE


There are many opportunities to practice touch and connect with other men.

Erotic Touch with Taoist Massage takes place on the 3rd Sunday of the Month.

Next presentations are:

·         October 19, 2014

·         November 16, 2014

·         December 21, 2014

·         January 18, 2015

·         February 15, 2014

Erotic Touch with Taoist Massage at the Awaken Studio Toronto

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