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The Center – Juicy Heart

I began the process today of finding a home for “The Center

This is exciting and opening to me. Even though it is scary and I am afraid of all of the old stories and all of the old movings of history. This is new and I am excited at the new. I felt brave and exhilarated when I began making calls.

The Center will be a place for erotic education and exploration. This space will be a gathering place and home for all who share an interest in furthering the connection and awareness of Eros, Passion, Desire and Spirit. The Center will be a ground for men in relationship to develop conversation and connection. This will be a place for men to find their truth in their body and to find their way into the manifestation of their humanity in awareness of their erotic and sexual self.

If any of you know of a space of about 1500 square feet in the downtown Toronto area that would be suitable for this new home let me know.

Find out more about Phillip Coupal at Contact me at

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