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The Good, the Constructive, the Expansive … July 29 2011

Today the Juicy heart is made more Juicy by acknowledging the good.

I am in a daily practice of looking to see if an action, a movement, a thought is “good”, “constructive” or “expansive”. I want more of each of these and so I look to see where I am going, what I am doing, what I am getting and I monitor if each is “good”, “constructive” or “expansive”. If I am moving along and I am getting lots of “good” I continue to move in that direction. If I am doing something, anything, and I sense a lot of “destructive” energy I change course and start to do something more “constructive”. If I am getting a whole lot of “contraction” I shift things up so I start to get some “expansion”.

All choosing what I want and moving towards that desire.

Today I will be aware of my desire and let myself have what I want.

The JUICY Heart ❤

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