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What is on the Table Today? – Friday June 17, 2011

Life is a Banquet. – What is on the Table?

This statement has been with me for a couple of days.

Today, I will work with men and look with them at the Banquet of their Life

Partnering with men to look at what is on their Banquet Table. Together, not only will we look, we will sample many dishes. Together, we will find out what these men want some more of and what they would like less of.  This sampling can educate and create a choice point and help the men that I work with, have way less of what they do not want and have lots and lots more of what they actually do want.

My work with men will help them by offering coaching that encourages and inspires then to feast from the Banquet of Their Life.

Getting more of what you want, a simple recipe for satisfaction and pleasure. 

Life is a Banquet – Are you getting what you want from your life?

Today I will be filled with Curiousity and Wonder.

❤ the Juicy Heart

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