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Getting the JOB Done

Sometimes there is great joy in getting the job completed. Sometimes it feels like it was a lot of work. Sometimes it takes a lot of conversation and conflict resolution. Sometimes it just takes looking and sampling and trying it all out over and over and over… The process of getting a job to completion can sometimes seem interminable. Then finally there comes a point and one can say… Is this complete? Have I done all I can do?

Finally when you can answer… Yes, I have done all I can do.

Acknowledging that the job is complete. That all that can be done has been done…

I adore that moment when you can breathe a sigh of relief. Know that the job is done and that the process of doing can rest and the moments for acknowledgement can take place.

Tony and I just bought a new car. We have not bought a car in 20 years and this was a pleasure. We got to look and sample and do all kinds of research. Then we got to go out and test drive and finally after all of our exploration we made the choice and took the leap. The job is done.The work of making a choice is complete.

The new car will be here sometime next week. I am looking forward to the pleasure of all that is new and exciting… ❤


Venetian Heart ~ Blue on Stone with Canal Water

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