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Sacred Intimacy

Sacred Intimacy a practice
offered by Phillip Coupal
at the Awaken Studio Toronto

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Candy Cotton
Candy Cotton

Sacred Intimacy

for ALL Men 

at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Expressions of Erotic Freedom 

Sacred Intimacy


a personal path towards sexual healing.

This experience narrates a conscious opportunity for addressing and releasing wounds from physical, emotional and sexual trauma.

Sacred Intimacy 

 The active merging or

“sacred” - the divine, spiritual, hallowed 

"intimate" - curious, vulnerable, willing, alive

Creating a Peaceful


Transcendent Experience

for ALL Men 

"The erotic is the nurturer or nursemaid of all our deepest knowledge."

~ Audre Lorde

Personalized Compassionate Care
Private Sessions offered to
Individuals and Couples

Sessions Offered:

  • Weekday Evenings

  • Weekday Afternoons

  • Weekend Afternoons




Observable benefits of:

Sacred Intimacy,

Tantric Sexuality and 

Erotic Coaching can be:

  • Gaining acceptance and a newfound sense of self in relation to old sexual and erotic wounds 

  • A greater sense of power or strength in relationship to old sexual and erotic habits that no longer serve.

  • Deepening intimacy and discovering new erotic and sensory information leading to a more satisfying and fulfilling erotic life.

  • Revitalizing and making ones personal and sexual practices current and conscious

  • Creating new routines and rituals achieving desired and healthy erotic and sexual practices.

  • Discovering new ways to communicate and develop consciousness in relation to sexual and erotic needs.

  • Explore and discover in new territory that is fertile ground for relationship building.


Sacred Intimacy

Tantric Sexuality

Erotic Coaching


Working with heartfelt touch, conscious breath, and mindful intention clients can formulate new patterns and breakthrough barriers and emotional scars of past wounds and current blockage.


Sacred Intimacy - A practice taught by Joseph Kramer, Shalom Mountain and the Body Electric School and others. Sacred Intimacy allows for the client to refocus and redevelop patterns of belief and habit particularly around sex, sexuality, body dysphoria and problems with intimacy and sexual practice.

Who benefits from this practice?

The men who benefit from this work:

  • those who have had traumas to their physical body,

  • cancer survivors, particularly: prostate, bladder, and testicular

  • survivors of conversion therapy

  • survivors of emotional and psychological trauma

  • survivors of sexual trauma or sexual abuse

Is this sex?


This is a question that is very often asked and the answer is always no.

Understanding the difference between, a healing practice, utilizing sexual and erotic energy for a greater sense of wellness and clear personal awareness and information and an unconscious sex act that is mean for gratification plays at the core of what is sacred and intimate.


Men can awaken their heart and spirit to the peace and surrender of masculine erotic power.








Kindness, compassion, grace and conscious construction of community are basic tenants of the Awaken Studio Toronto. It is our practice to exist in the world living from a place of gracious and radical acceptance.


If for some reason you are unable to pay for the services offered by Phillip Coupal or

the Awaken Studio in Toronto we will do our

best to create an accommodation for your need.

Although classes can not be free of any financial exchange, the Awaken Studio and Phillip are always open to negotiation.


If you are under employed, unemployed or suffering from a financial hardship and you wish to attend, we will do our very best to create an accommodation made for you. Mutually agreed and negotiated in a kind and understanding manner.


Please be kind you yourself and make sure to contact :

Phillip for more information.

All you have to do is ASK!

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Sacred Intimacy

for ALL Men 

at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Expressions of Erotic Freedom 


Sacred Intimacy


The merging of Intimacy and the Sacred, a practice that directs inwards towards healing, peace and compassion.


Many men have come to me looking for: freedom from erotic or sexual trauma. 

Freedom from urges and fantisies that have  driven them unto unsafe or insecure practices. Men looking for freedom to be able to express themselves as a erotic, sensual and sexual human being.


Very often these men have been driven, or driven themselves into a state that does not allow them to function in a whole way as a fully finctioning sexual and erotic being. Often the driving force behind this disfunction is shame, and the inability to fit into the mould that  has been cast upon them


Often when men have been co-ersed or forced into being something that is seperate from their true identity, their sexual and erotic practices lack focus, consciousness and care for themselves. They are forcing themselves into something that might not fit them or coincide with their true identity.


Witnessing men in the pain that disfunction causes and supporting them and holding a space for them to discover their true and unforced erotic and sexual selves can feel like a surge of newfound freedom. 


With concious care men can introduce themselves to this new part of themselves. Seeing themselves in light, rather than shadow. Through conscious intimacy the divine and sacred masculine can come forward in a balanced and peaceful manner.


In a practice of Sacred Intimacy men can be more allowing, compassionate, kind and loving to themselves. As they bring these new found skills into the world they can shed layers of "TOXIC Masculinity" and create redemption for the divine and sacred creature they have always been.

Phillip Coupal
June 2021



All men are welcome to take part in the

conscious practice of Sacred Intimacy with Phillip Coupal at the Awaken Studio. 

Free yourself to treat yourself to an 
experience unlike any other in the city. 

Please bring your courage, your curiosity and your open beginners mind.

This practice is open to all men and the

Awaken Studio welcomes all DIVERSITY.

There is no experience qualification,

body shape or size restriction or

maximum age restriction.

Please be over 19 years of age

What is a Sacred Intimate


A Sacred Intimate can be a guide who has the

capacity to remain present, centered, grounded

 and focused, while with intention and purpose employing erotic and sexual energy to: value,

witness and distil a patron's intense and deeply personal issues regarding sexuality, 

intimacy and relationships.

A Sacred Intimate can help the patron nurture and access healing as the patron finds new sources and strengths to better integrate themselves as vibrant beings capable of having, fulfilling and sustaining relationships, intimacy and sex .

What might happens during a Sacred Intimacy Session?


Sacred Intimacy does not prescribe or demand single technique or activity, to approach integration. Sacred Intimacy sessions provide an approach of welcoming the entirety of the patron.


There are approaches that move towards integrating energies of: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and erotic nature.


The purpose of touch within a Sacred Intimacy session is not to provide experiences that gratify; but provide the patron with an experience that will guide them to a path that inspires their innate knowledge and skill to provide heightened abilities to bring: awareness, transformation, inspiration, learning and healing to their personal lives.


Experiences within a Sacred Intimacy session can deliver the patron to a safe and secure platform for personal development and explorations of their:

sensual, sexual, erotic and emotional beings.

A Sacred Intimacy session can assist the patron in finding the power of pleasure as a source of healing, transformation and life force energy.

The reward?


The biggest reward that I can see in the men who partake in this practice is their ability to:  awaken, transform and ascend to natural states of powerful, peaceful, joyful and ecstatic transcendence.



Sacred Intimacy Sessions

In Person attendance at the

Awaken Studio Toronto


~Introduction Session

30 Minutes

Via Telephone or

Video Conference


~Intake Session

60 Minutes

In Person


~Subsequent Session

90 Minutes

In Person


Block of Sessions


~Block of 2 recuring sessions

90 Minutes

$350.00 or $175.00 per session

This is a reduction of $50.00

~Block of 4 recuring sessions

90 Minutes

$600.00 or $150.00 per session

This is a reduction of $200.00

~Block of 6 recuring sessions

90 Minutes

$825.00 or $137.50 per session

This is a reduction of $375.00

~Block of 8 recuring sessions

90 Minutes

In Person

$1,000.00 or $125.00 per session

This is a reduction of $600.00


Session times are offered at mutually agreeable times

and offered on mutually agreeable dates. Please follow the service links below, click on the date and you will see if there are times available.

Questions or more information:

Contact Phillip -

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Candy Cotton
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